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Independent Grind Tour Update: Tuscon, Arizona

Published: October 13, 2010 in Tech N9ne by

The Independent Grind Tour spent its last night in Arizona with a gig at the Rialto Theatre in Tucson. The show was packed with fans young (too young?) and old alike. Tech and company threw down the way they have been so far (which would mean they put on a hell of a show) and the crowd left satisfied (some dissatisfied…for other reasons). The Independent Grind Tour rolls onward to New Mexico for a show in Albuquerque at the Sunshine Theater.

“I cant belive the parents that take their lil 3 yr olds to a @techn9ne concert! wtf kinda shit is that!!! there was kids 3-8 yrs old there”
Awesome fuckin show last nite. Can’t wait for your next Tucson appearance. Hope you like the drawing and hope you watch that dvd. Lovin all the new shit. Soowoop.”
lastnights show wuhs B A D A S S ! @TechN9ne i think i got my ass grabbed three times ! wuhthafuck .”

DJ Hed (Glasses Malone’s DJ)

Tuscon, AZ was retarded!


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