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‘Seepage EP’ Available For FREE At Guvera.com

Published: November 5, 2010 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne’s latest release the Seepage EP is now available FOR FREE at Guvera.com. You may remember Guvera.com as the main sponsor of the recent Independent Grind Tour, but in case you don’t, here’s a small recap: you download songs, they don’t cost you any money, the artists still get paid. Click here to visit Tech N9ne’s page on Guvera.com.

  • Anonymous

    Errr. Why did I pay 6 for the EP and another 6 for shipping to Germany? Sorry. I’mma go and be a bit sad now.

  • Swanksta

    It’s been up there since day 1

  • ruphu

    Also they have been talking about all of Strange’s music being on Guvera for months now .

  • SamuraiSammy

    all my Guvera credit EVER has gone to Strange Music!

  • YEAAAA!!! Guvera’s the best!! Wish it worked in Europe too 🙁

  • Guvera is only available in America bro, right now

  • Anonymous

    Aight, I get it. Guess that’s how it works, it’s not like I’m worried about the 12 bucks for quality music – was just a bit surprised at first. It’s all cool.

  • Jkyaboy

    yro man sorry to here about all the shit u be goin threw playa keep ya head ill pray fa u fam whoo whoo my g stay safe and away from the whisspers and negativity it just brings more pain listen to the voice from the sky that flows wit the wind not the one that hisses in darkniss

  • Nasty_flow24

    ha my brother is the first bitches


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