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DJ Whoo Kid Praises Tech N9ne, Calls ‘Bad Season’ Top Ten Mixtapes Of All Time [SM Exclusive]

Published: December 30, 2010 in Tech N9ne by

If music was a drug, DJ Whoo Kid is a dealer, and with Tech N9ne, the infamous mixtape DJ found a special grade of dope that is of the highest cut. In our interview with DJ Whoo Kid about the “Ego Trippin’” video shoot, he revealed just how special it was to meet and work with the King of the Midwest, even grouping him with the likes of Michael Jackson and Nelson Mandela.

How was it to shoot that video? Do you guys shoot videos around New York that often?

Yeah I have a clothing line called KRSP that sponsors me and what they do is: anybody I work with they’ll do free videos for, and we’ve done videos for Soulja Boy, Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka–all these guys. We have this thing where we take the artist out of their element and bring them to New York. So we had Tech N9ne in Time Square wilding out with infrared beams. We went and got some black op sh–I think it was black op lens. The ones that the SWAT team use before they go in and kill your ass. The name of the song is “Ego Trippin’”, so we wanted it to look like it was crazy, like “What the hell is going on!?” He’s in Time Square, he’s in parts of New York wilding out. I did Soulja Boy Time Square but I brought my Lambo out, and we wild out, and that video got like two million hits. We did Gucci Mane at the Brooklyn Bridge–you name it. Every other artist that came through, we did them in different parts of New York. It was like a classic way of New York signing on Tech N9ne. And you’d be surprised: when we were filming a lot of people knew who he was in the street. They didn’t recognize me because I had that paint on my face! Out of respect for him I wanted to reverse it: he’ll be normal and I got the paint. That’s my respect for understanding who he is. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me too so it’s something that I will never forget. He’s down on my list of historical stuff that I did, so the one day I do an incredible book or interview, he’s definitely going to be on my top ten on the mixtapes and stuff that I’ve done.

Of all time?

Yeah of all time. His music is incredible. His music is bananas–I just can’t understand it!

Yeah and it almost just came out of nowhere: it must be a surreal sort of feeling.

I read like The Alchemist. I read all these ill books. Fate is the way things are. You can’t plan this out, you can’t map it out–shit happens. Just let it go. You either take it or you don’t. Fate got me to meet Tech, feet got me to meet Nelson Mandela, fate got me to meet Michael Jackson in an Arab country. That’s how I live my life. So, take it or leave it, as they say.

Who’s the guy in the Spider Man mask?

Oh that’s Red Spyda, the producer!  [Laughs]  We started a production group called the Haitian Superheroes.  So it’s me, Wyclef–Wyclef is like the Haitian Batman, we have the Haitian Robin, and [Red] is Spider-Man.  We’ve got a Haitian X, in a fake wheelchair with an H on it instead of an X.  A lot of those beats on there are produced by us.

Yeah I saw Red Spyda on both of those songs you’ve leaked so far ["Ego Trippin'" and "Bad Season"].  Who’s the young lady with her face painted in the video?

Oh they do a lot of videos for like 50 Cent, Ludacris.  We thought we wanted some nice big butts that could clap with the “clap clap”.  We had a lot of scenes too that I watched personally.

They didn’t make the final cut, huh?

Yeah they didn’t make it but I like watching it all the time…privately!

Yeah there’s one shot in particular in the video that’s very nice.

Yeah! [Laughs] And the thing is, that video was literally planned in a day.  Tech called me out of nowhere: “Hey, I’ll be in New York on Monday.” I was like “What!?” I had to take him to get everything and ready all the equipment quick.  That’s how cool Tech is man–he’s very patient.  We hit it up like three hours in the city and then he went to do that Flex show. We literally had from like 4-7.  The car that’s in that video, my dumbass, I think I had cut the engine off.  That’s how I know Tech is a cool guy.  He’s patient.  I had cut the engine off but the car has like fucking 30 Gs worth of subwoofers and all this fucking speaker bullshit.  So all that shit took the power out!  So we’re stuck in Time Square with no battery in the car looking crazy!  That’s why one of the scenes looks like it’s just me and him in the car, the car’s actually not moving because the battery died.

But you guys made the most of it.

Yeah, we made the most of it.  One of the other chicks almost crashed the SUV. It was ridiculous!  You don’t even know man, I wanted to kill those girls!

Stay tuned for more interviews with DJ Whoo Kid coming soon as he addresses

- Ja Rule and his prison sentence
- Hanging out with Michael Jackson
- 50 Tyson

  • Ccalvin20

    tech,you done it again this sound like grow folk shit, i love the song the face paint on the two fine ass women in the video, i can see it now women going out on dates wearing face paint, you just started an new trend. they got to play this on bet, and radio.


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