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Hopsin Represents ‘Coathanga Strangla’ [Photo]

Published: April 27, 2011 in Brotha Lynch Hung by

No one could have anticipated the sickness that Brotha Lynch Hung unleashed on the world with Coathanga Strangla. Both fans and peers have been praising the album since its release on April 5. As a fellow West Coast MC, it’s not surprising to see Hopsin putting it down for the Coathanga Strangla. This photo of Hopsin holding up a poster of Coathanga Strangla recently surfaced online. Both artists have made their mark on the independent scene, and have blazed similar trails with horror-inspired music. Fans have been begging for a Hopsin and Lynch collab, could this mean we may hear one soon?

Brotha Lynch Hung’s Coathanga Strangla continues the sick saga with the hits “Coathanga” and “Mannibalector”.

  • West Coast Don

    Hopsin doesn’t really do “horror-themed” music… If you listen to his first two released “Gazing At The Moonlight” and “Haywire”, there is none of that influence. The only reason his “Raw” album has some violence in it is because he was extremely pissed off at his label situation, and he let that anger loose towards Tomika Wright on the album.

  • OWN! Thank you to Alex with the Strange Music Street Team in Buffalo!!!

  • Skrcrow71sick

    Skrcrow here im the one that took the pic of hopsin in buffalo on april 18th also got one of swizzz holdin it too

  • sic wit it! they both AWESOME


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