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‘I Don’t Think My Momma Ever Loved Me’ [Song]

Published: April 7, 2011 in Brotha Lynch Hung by

“This song right here, I really made this song to say what’s on my mind” says Brotha Lynch Hung at the opening of the touching and profound “I Don’t Think My Momma Ever Loved Me” from Coathanga Strangla. Lynch had been going through a lot during the making of this album, and on this song it shows. Lynch vents his paranoia about his family, his peers, and even his situation at Strange Music. Leave it to Strange Music, a label that stands tall for artistic freedom, to let Lynch put out a song where he addresses such topics. Over an ethereal and soothing beat by Seven, Lynch raps away the pain. Mr. Blap and Irv Da Phenom offer their singing talents over the chorus. Reportedly it was the hardest contribution for Mr. Blap to make towards the album, as he had a great relationship with his mother. Lynch had him listen to a mix CD and drive around Sacramento, letting him know that he would be able to achieve the character that he needed for the song by the end of the CD. The pain shows: somehow Lynch got Blap to tap into a part of his psyche that might not of ever existed. The result is nothing short of spellbinding. Behind the killer MC is a tender-hearted man, and “I Don’t Think My Momma Ever Loved Me” is example number one.

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