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‘The Coathanga’ [Song]

Published: April 14, 2011 in Brotha Lynch Hung by

Opening the door to the Coathanga Strangla’s murderous world, “Coathanga” leads listeners in like lambs to a slaughter. Michael “Seven” Summers once again constructs a treacherous sound for Lynch’s bloodbath, complete with striking piano notes and bone chilling strings. Lynch rips into the track with quick precision rhymes, landing some of his best multisyllabic flows on the whole album. His unique delivery on the hook sets “Coathanga” apart from most of the album, as Lynch sings:

With the chainsaw, leave your brains raw
Somebody just got cut
So when I’m coming in yo window with a machete and a pistol
best believe it’s just to get me a nut

Between necrophilia and homicide, “Coathanga” makes no apologies for the raw content contained within. Click here to purchase Coathanga Strangla on iTunes.


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