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Dial N9ne For Juggalo [Editorial]

Published: April 10, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Looking out into the crowd, several rows of face painted individuals can be spotted. Scattered throughout the venue, these kids hang out in small groups and have all sorts of crazy hairstyles that would normally look out of place. Little hatchet man emblems decorate the majority of their clothing and accessories, leaving little room for doubt as to who they are. Oh, they’re Juggalos alright, but this isn’t an Insane Clown Posse concert. It’s a Tech N9ne show, and just like any other time, they are here to show their love for the music. Tech N9ne has had a long standing relationship with the often misunderstood group of fans, known more for their outrageous behavior than anything else.

From performing at the annual Gathering of the Juggalos to touring with Insane Clown Posse, Tech has shared much of his career with the notorious fans. Truth be told, Juggalos make up a significant portion of Tech N9ne’s own fan base. Now, that’s not to say that they are his only fans or that Juggalos are even half of his fans, but Tech certainly owes to them some of his success over the years. Tech knows it very well, it’s in his music after all. Thing is though, not everyone seems to be as receptive to the unique connection Tech shares with the Juggalos. Some Tech N9ne fans are pretty resistant to the thought of Juggalos being included in Tech’s world, while others are outright spiteful. Can they really be blamed? Or is it an unfair stereotype that creates a blanket opinion about one of the most die-hard fan bases in music? From tattoos to massive merch collections, Juggalos only know one level of dedication. Like most things that are peculiar from a afar, there is more to the relationship between Tech N9ne and the Juggalos.

Tech first came across the Juggalo culture late in his career. Not having been exposed to that particular area of his fan base, Tech was surprised to see face painted kids lining up outside of his shows. Draped in “Hatchet Gear”, Tech would notice more and more of these fans showing up at live events and autograph signings. When Tech’s FTI campaign first started gaining momentum, Juggalo sites like were some of the first to support Strange Music. In reality, Tech was slowly building a fan base nationwide, and it would only be a matter of time before Juggalos were included. In 2003, after listening to what the Juggalos wanted to hear, Tech N9ne appeared on Twiztid’s The Green Book. The album, which at the time was touted as the duo’s biggest, went on to expose Tech to an entirely new audience that may not have ever heard him otherwise. Thanks in part to his guest spot, Tech was asked to join the massive line up on Insane Clown Posse’s Wicked Wonka tour later that year. The all star tour featured Tech N9ne alongside Bone Thugs N Harmony, Kottonmouth Kings, and of course, the wicked clowns. The insanely successful tour opened up the doors for Tech in terms of untapped markets. As part of the grand scale tour, Tech and the rest of the Strange Music crew were able to connect with Juggalos nationwide. This tour also marked the beginning a working relationship between Strange Music and Psychopathic Records. Taking part in ICP’s Halloween tradition, Tech appeared on the annual Hallowicked track, “Thug Pit”. Meanwhile, as the year went on, Strange Music continued its own expansion and was still preparing for Tech N9ne’s Everready. As if the Hallowicked initiation wasn’t proof enough of Tech’s success amongst Juggalos, in 2004 he made his first Gathering Of The Juggalos appearance. With his amazing live performances and stage theatrics, Tech was a natural fit in the Juggalo world. Even though Tech had been painting his face long before he even knew what Juggalos were, his appearance created a closer bond with them. Tech’s infamous fear of “the clown” made it the most ironic of situations.

Tech would go on to return to the Gathering several times, making him a staple act of the outdoor music festival. Soon it was apparent that Tech no longer had to go to the Juggalos because they were now coming to him. Between the time of Vintage Tech and the long awaited release of Everready, Tech had built a loyal following with Juggalos. His own live performances now drew them in large numbers, and a shift in the dynamic of his live audience could be seen. Fake blood and white face paint quickly became expected sightings at Tech’s shows. Always the first one to acknowledge his fans, Tech thanked the Juggalos on his Everready album in 2006. It was apparent that Juggalos were responsible for a large amount of album and merchandising sales. Both are nothing new to Juggalos, who are driven by a collector’s mentality that keeps them snatching up the hottest merchandise. Now, it wasn’t just “Hatchet Gear” at Tech shows, but instead Strange Music gear at ICP shows. The two communities had integrated so well that Tech was once again invited to perform at the annual Hallowicked in 2006.

Over the last few years, Tech has been pretty vocal over the criticisms he has faced because of his association with Juggalos. He has never once backed down or taken back his respect for the fans. Even when his own fans cry foul and attempt to convince him to step away from “that” crowd, Tech remains grateful to the underground fanatics. The craziness that surrounds the subculture is something that Tech N9ne and Strange Music can easily relate to. As the industry’s “Red Nose” MC, Tech understands what it is like to be different and pushed aside. On more than one occasion, Tech has referred to himself as a Juggalo. Krizz Kaliko has also developed a close connection with the rabid fan base. His knack for unorthodox music and personal experiences with being treated like an outcast have given him a similar perspective. Before the release of Kaliko’s Shock Treatment, he spoke about a track that was very close to his heart. The track, “Freaks”, was influenced in part by Kaliko’s many personal encounters with Juggalos. In turn, the Juggalos have become some of the strongest supporters of Tech’s music. His success story is all too similar to that of Insane Clown Posse’s. An independent juggernaut who has risen in popularity and sales without the backing of a major label. The fans respect this self made success, and that is why they harbor so much faith in Tech. Conversely, it is also the same reason so many of the same fans have recently come out in protest to Tech’s recent spike in popularity. The Juggalos are pretty unforgiving in their beliefs. They are known as one of the hardest audiences to please, and they’re not afraid to let you know what they think. Just ask Tila Tequila. Luckily, Tech N9ne’s music and live stage show was Juggalo approved long ago.

Just like the rest of Tech N9ne’s fan base, the Juggalos now join everyone in anticipating the release of All 6’s And 7’s. Their support for Strange Music comes through in ticket and album sales, and most of all merchandise sales. This is how the Juggalos support. They stand behind “their” artists like a loyal army, and are quite arguably the most dedicated fan base of the last two decades. In some cases, you have to take the bad with the good. In this one, Tech N9ne has never been judgmental of the Juggalos and instead accepts everything about them. The world may not be ready to welcome the Juggalos with open arms, but it’s pretty safe to say that when all is said and done, Tech N9ne is happy to have them in his corner.

-Victor Sandoval, Assistant Editor Strange Music Blogs

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  • Que_ball_ace1


  • Day ‘n’ Night

    People like this are the main reason why my friends don’t want to go to Tech shows, because they dont want to be associated with these people. Also, they are annoying as fuck with their chants are moshing. Since most of them seem to hate everything mainstream, hopefully they jump off the Tech bandwagon once he becomes popular.

  • Kyle O’Laughlin

    You don’t have to like them…that’s the great thing. They probably like you for being a Tech fan, though…so the only “fag” here is you, being spiteful and hateful for no reason other than prejudice.

  • Eric Shipp


  • n8tive stranga

    woo woo! we ridin wit tech to the end muthafuckoz

  • n8tive stranga

    woo woo! we ridin wit tech to the end muthafuckoz

  • Chris Stapleton

    proud to be both a juggalo and a technician. if anybody is gonna hate on an entire group of people there just as bad as any biggot, racist, or anything else.

  • Eric Shipp

    haa lemme tell you sumthin bro.. us juggalos arent ever going to jump off the tech band wagon. theres a lot of juggalos out there that take this whole hating mainstream to an extreme which i think is rather stupid because i know for a fact theres plenty of other good music out there but regardless LET THEM HATERS HATE CUZ WE STILL OWN THAT SHIT

  • Bazooka502


  • Walter Romero

    associated? it shows you don’t care about the music only who’s “associated” with who, damn elitist . I can’t wait for Tech’s new album, and yes I’m a juggalo also but I love music more than anything

  • Seth D Weathers

    Aint that the fuckin truth bro! whoop whoop! hahaha MMFWCL brah!

  • Seth D Weathers

    glad you think that, now.. go be the insect and parasite you are, and go leach off of justin bieber. fool. SUCK MY DICK BITCH! im a juggalo, damned proud to be one, and im damn sure to support tech n9ne. either grow up little man, or atleast learn to love the unknown. as every fuckin juggalo out there does. and ever Strange Music fan does as well.

  • Seth D Weathers

    whoop whoop! fuckin agreed.

  • Fishbowltragedy

    There is no reason why ya can’t be a Juggalo and a Techn9cian at the same time! I am, and if you’re not…then so be it. It’s not about who’s who….it’s about who we support…..stop the hate and enjoy the music you love!

  • Carm!3

    Haha. Tech is a juggalo at heart. And that’s the only way to be! Whoop Whoop!! MCL-Carm!3 c(: <3

  • Brian Ford

    First off, well written article here Victor. Haven’t read anything good on the internet it seems like in 5 years. I can listen to ICP/ Twiztid any day, but do I label myself a Juggalo? No. Not because of the negative connotation that seems to come along with the title, I as a human being am a fan of music. I get in my car listen to Twiztid, then Tech, then Primus, etc. I like a wide range of music, that’s how it is. If Juggalos like Tech N9ne, let him like Tech N9ne. Just because I like Tech N9ne doesn’t mean I’m gonna be a Juggalo, it also doesn’t mean I’m gonna hate dude because he is a Juggalo. What it means is that while Tech’s up on stage rocking the mic I’m gonna be moshing with the dude right next to me, Juggalo or not, because that’s all we got in this life. Partying and shit.

  • Britny Nichole

    To base ur judgement on the mass of us that is Lettes and Los simply because some of us like many followings have bad examples is extremely ignorant. We are the ones who are picked on, tormented daily because we dress weird, shunned by society, the freaks. You can hate it all you want to and talk the same bullshit but in the end you don’t understand how it feels to stand in a massive crowd of strangers and be family with all of them. MMFWCL!!!

  • Makanhoes

    All im sayin is by buying this your paying for a lil wayne verse…. Am i glad tech is making it in the game of course… but there comes a time where its doing it for the love of fans and putting your soul out there… or just have a dope beat and some autotune….. remember tech the eye is on you… if you think the industry is going to “Show you a god” then its a shame you lost the battle… As for the juggalo hate and shit who fucking cares? like your really that sad and spiteful with your life that you have to hate on someone for doing something different it shows how well oiled of machines your turning into… fucking robots..

  • Th3Truth

    Hey, keep sucking that Juggalo Dick if that’s what makes you money. ICP is terrible now. Hope that doesn’t happen to tech.

  • Ibjb4u

    I’m a juggalo and have been for 16 years and proud of it. I listen to all kinds of music, but I watch horror movies, So I’m gonna listen to horror music pretty simple, but when you can go to a show and they treat you with respect and say whoop whoop, and shake your hand that’s what it’s all about. That’s why were Family!

  • Ayon Benrardo

    they are a bunch of shit talkers
    even about tech n9ne

  • j4l

    we will never die alone

  • MrShaggs

    Die Hard fan of both Tech N9ne and ICP, as well as HEDpe, Kottonmouth, Brotha Lynch Hung (NORCAL-OG). I have been a Juggalo for decades. The Juggalos, technicians, new world orphans, bong-tokin alcoholics, it’s all family. Connected by underground love and support in the pit. My girl gets down to HED, KMK, and Tech, but is almost afraid of the ICP and BLH crowds. We are all underground family, support your artists, share a bowl in the crowd, spread the love, get over any beef you had about someone because you assume shit about them. Enjoy the music, buy the albums, merch, go to the shows. WE are the reason these guys keep doing what they do. But don’t hate on each other over nothing or you are just as bad as being a boy band fan or some corporate pop garbage.


    so refreshing to read this in the mist of techs recent fame explosion which was long due! WHOOP WHOOP HOMIE!!! MMFWCL

  • Bigchris_chitown

    I have been a juggalo for about 6 years now and it really bums me out when i go to these shows rockin hatchetgear and i get made fun of because of who i am and what i listen to. Granted, there are some pretty dumb juggalos out there that really have no respect for the music or the fans. But that is a small few. Please dont group all juggalos as fags or idiots because most of them are just like you…. A FAN OF THE MUSIC. Only hate individuals if you even have to hate at all. Dont hate groups, because in a way, its just like racism and all that shit. MCL and Technician for Life! KCMO!!!!

  • Williamakajoker

    Real shit.. whoop whoop.. mmfwcl ninja

  • Junctionjuggalo

    It’s great going to a show, time after time after time, and have a connection to people I would never hang out with in any other places. I go to a Tech show, and scan across the long ass line from front door to 2 blocks down the road, and you have preps, cowboys, jocks, thugs, the homeless and the wealthy, juggalos, and maggots (and many more, but no one shows up to a Tech show in a Biber shirt… I don’t know how anyone would take that IFL)… all in line to watch a show that they couldn’t possibly think would out do the last show Tech did in their piss ant town. I am a juggalo, through and through. You look at any of these people in line not wearing a Psychopathic or Strange shirt and would never think of them as a Tech fan. But that’s the power Tech’s music has. It has the power to attract all means of life, and can get anybody to follow along, weather it’s bobbing your head, singing a long, or driving with the windows rolled down, blaring “I’ma Playa” all through town. Thank you Tech N9ne for all the hard work you have done, all the sacrifices you’ve made to get where you are, and having the love you have for your fans. Not one word of your music goes un-listened by any of your fans.

  • Junctionjuggalo

    It’s a damn shame you have to rant and rave like this, acting like all juggalo’s are wild, crazy, disrespectful shit heads. Sure, a lot of the younger juggalos have a huge wild side to let loose, and a lot of us like to do it at shows. Maybe you have some of the “Bad Seed” juggalos in your area (the shit heads that give juggalos a bad name). But don’t come on here talking trash about what we do at show. Tell your friends not to have their panties all bunched up, and enjoy a Tech show! Much love, WHOPP WHOOP!!!

  • Promethearx

    Loyalty to loyalty, love to love. Music has no face and artistry possesses no native tongue. They’re electric, visceral and anonymous. Juggalos and Techn9cians reveling in the same musical mayhem is not but a congregation of unlike vapors from antithetical sources of heated culture fusing in the transcendent atmosphere of sinister spit.

    I’ve been Bruce-Leed in the jaw in a Nine Inch Nails mosh pit by a middle-aged tax accountant wearing a Fleetwood Mac shirt. Afterwards, we quaffed Coronas like Micks until the sun rose.

    Strange Music is the catalyst for that fusion, and all for the sake of supporting a Pilgrim on his quest to form a New Musical Order; an order in which the indestructible barriers that divide us have been razed by the unstoppable force that is Tech N9ne.

    I just had an idea for a horrorcore mix-tape. The Great Melinko, Coathanga Strangla and the Red-Nosed Clown.

    Yet again, Victor, you’ve made sense of the babbling of fools. Touche, sir.

  • Victor Sandoval

    You better make that mixtape happen!

  • Victor Sandoval

    Liking the feedback on this one. It’s interesting to see the dynamics in the fanbase and how passionate some of you are. I think it’s important to remember that, whether you like Juggalos or not, there is a lot to respect there. I myself am not a Juggalo or anything of the like, but I certainly have an admiration for any subculture that thrives as long as this one has.

  • S. P.

    I have just started piecing it together, actually.
    I haven’t spun ICP since the dog days. Better refresh. I have some a sick tracklist so far.

  • Chrisncool

    I’m not a juggalo and don’t have any friends that are, but i have nothing against them. Only thing that pisses me off is when people call Tech N9ne a juggalo.

  • Victor Sandoval

    He has called himself one several times at live concerts and in interviews before. That’s not something people just made up.

  • Murrdith

    I’m a down ass Juggalette and a very dedicated technician. And i don’t hate everything thats mainstream, i hate bad music. There are very few artists/songs out there considered “mainstream” that isn’t bad. If it weren’t, “people like us” probably would like it. And our chants bring us together, no matter where were from or what we came from.

  • Chris Stapleton

    not all of us. i rep tech n9ne and strange as much as icp and psycopathic. i have never said one bad thing about either.

  • Que_ball_ace1

    ur a pussy and u paint ur face like a queer…atleast techs paint has meaning lol…ur abitch…have one of ur fat nappy juggalo bitches suck on ur wang haha and beiber? lol good one

  • staticaddict

    Without juggalos, its highly likely most of you lil pussy bitches would have never heard of Tech.. so haterz guess what EAD

  • lawrence

    if you dont like juggalos then dont like them y go on here and call them fags. lucky you dont have a pic because if you did i am sure a juggalo will find you and kick your ass.

  • Chrisncool

    Yeah but he says that because he relates a lot to them. All in all, he is not a juggalo. Then, ANY post on other websites (like Rap Radar) about Tech N9ne, the first few posts are calling him either “devil worshipper” or “gay juggalo”. And I’m TIRED of people saying that stupid shit! And I repeat, I definitely have nothing against the juggalos, but this is what the other people say. When “juggalo” is mentioned, i automatically think about ICP… I HATE ICP… Eminem made them look stupid as fuck back in 2000. So the juggalo image/reputation has been stained since back then.

  • Coryakazigz

    not all juggalos are white either i know plenty of juggalos that are black an listen to all types of music ppl are so stereo typical these days imma mutha fuckin juggalo i got a 10 month old a fiance and a 40+ hour a week job so no we ain’t all fuck ups, shit heads, dirt bags or w.e other name you can try to come up with…..the only one we got for you is WISHERS cause you all fucking wish you could do what we do we making movements baby SO FUCK THE HATERS and F. T. I. we run the mutha fuckin underground

  • Tech (Hed)

    Wow you really are one dumb cunt! You think you know Tech better than Tech does…
    ICP are cooler than you and your Eminem dick sucking faggot friends will ever be!

  • therealBEAN

    I am a juggalo Strange Music employee.

  • Anthony Rypel-Polkas

    i dont like juggalos , but i have respect for them.

  • Gerard Hesch

    Funny all the closed minded people here. Been a Juggalo for 16 years and damn proud to be one, also been listening to Tech before he even had Strange Music which is like what 10 years ? Funny thing is all these haters say and do the same shit, same shit different year. I don’t listen much to Psychopathic anymore. Yet when I do I go back to what made me listen to ICP in the first place, There older shit.I can admit that some if not alot of ICP shit is garbage, and I know alot of Juggalos out there have put a bad name out there for us, but hey you gotta deal with the bad sometimes to get the good. I’m apart of the later.

  • Nathan Chambers

    Juggalo 4 Life whoop whoop MMFWKCL ninjas and ninjettes…Tech N9ne is the SHIT….T9X is the best song made SINCE tupac died!!

  • Nathan Chambers

    Its easy to be a juggalo a technician and a subnoize soldier :) whoop whoop

  • travis guyton

    Dude why did you attack this guy. he said he has nothing against juggalos, so that shows hes not close minded he just finds the opinion of websites like rap radar valuable. is it cause he said he hates icp, who gives a fuck, they sure dont, most of the world hates them. i give the same advice to chrisncool. fuck that website if there not down with tech then who cares. its just another asshole with a opinion.

  • Ayon Benrardo

    well i ment most of them

  • Ayon Benrardo

    except for those that arnt pussys like you

  • Awol6667

    im a juggalo and support tech n9ne to the fullest mos of my tats are strange music and that means something to me ecause i can relate to the music compared to most the bullshit artist put out these days


  • juggalotechn9cian4life

    bein a juggalo is all in your heart and if tech can feel that then he is a juggalo for real if he says hes one then he is that doesnt change anything so stop hatin

  • JakeTheshape

    he tried to make them look stupid because eminem was a juggalo back in the day and he was hurt that ICP didnt like his music…think about it its not hard to throw an ICP diss out its not like there was rap beef money in it..eminem did that cause he was hurt. he could have real rap beef with ESHAM but he doesnt respond to the numerous disses but he dissed ICP?…cause he used to be a juggalo and his hero’s ended up not liking his music and that hurt him deep. and ICP dissed him way worse, eminem just got more exposure, thats why eminem didnt take it too far he had no answer for “nuthin but a bitch thang” cause he doesnt want the world to find out about his juggalo days.whoop fuckin whoop

  • JakeTheshape

    I thought juggalo hate was gonna be in this but no. this is actually a nice read with good points. props dude

  • mrcarterB

    juggalos, hop heads, hyphy kinds, tech, all like to go apeshit and are fans. i say as always only hate on individuals
    i personally dont like icp but i guess they are artists
    …. N9NNA!

  • Juggalopacmanx69

    A Juggalo first and formost is an outcast. Tech is an outcast because his music was slept on and he decided to go the underground way. Juggalos and Technicians are both considered by the artists who they are behind, a family. Real juggalos are no more then unliked people who decided to go somewere that no one hates anybody unless you directly start something. There are some younger juggalos that do cause problems and are only claiming to be a juggalo to look rebelious but they arent real juggalos. Tech has many times respected juggalos. He even respected them recently on a pledge of a technician call in episode that i personally talked to him on by telling a few juggalos whoop whoop. He even said Juggalos and Juggalettes in “F.A.N.S.” that leaked onto youtube from “All 6’s and 7’s”, along with Techn9cians, KottonMouth Kings and Queens. Tech has respect for juggalos. So if you still want to hate on juggalos then I dont have anything else to say to you or your narrow mind. To the true juggalos whoop whoop.

    From A Juggalo and A Techn9cian.

  • Chips_dnt_die

    no icp made him look stupid

  • Emery Pigg

    Successful troll is successful.

  • Stefan Pyles

    hey, listen y’all
    some of these comments are just plain fucking stupid
    and that’s fine
    but when you become openly disrespectful and digress into name calling and really weak mother fucking punk shots
    it diminishes the potency of the discussion and perverts the idea behind it
    for real
    stay on topic and be cordial, at least
    say what you have to say, but don’t direct the harshness of your criticism towards others in such a stupid fucking way
    at least be funny or sharp or witty or clever
    if you kids can’t get along, then i’ll send you all to your fucking rooms
    jesus christ
    what happened to civilized debate?
    bueller… bueller… bueller…
    o, that’s right
    it died

  • Stefan Pyles

    and yes
    i realize i’m a hypocritical, megalomaniacal piece of shit
    thank you
    i get it
    been knowing this for years

  • Juggalo_maniax_serialkilla

    heres my comment. being a juggalo since i was 14 years old ( i will be 29 this year, you do the math motherfucker)…i’d have to say..there are a lot of narrow-minded people out there. heres an example, got into an arguement with this dude on the internet, (seems to be a lot of you interent tough guys out there) and he said that juggalos are idiots, un-educated, and losers…
    with that being said, here’s my reply on that. that is a down your nose approach at this situation. while some are and may be idiots there are others that are educated. and the only reason i can come up with that people dont like juggalo’s is due to the fact that they are jealous. they want to fit in, but cant. i was reading this lame ass dudes comment about hold on, i’ll get his name….Que_Ball_Ace1. now, that dudes a real life idiot. he doesnt know the meaning behind a juggalo. btw, tech paints his face, does that make him a fag? and whats up with this double standard bullshit? tech can do it without being a fag, but the clowns do it and they are fags…and not only that, but if you know anything, you will know that ICP was making music LONG before tech. 1991 is when they started their carrer. only they were put out in their local area of detroit. wasnt til riddlebox until it was a semi-sorta nation status. BUT. with that being said, let the haters hate, thats their fuckin job. is to hate. getting of topic here. i just find it hilarious that people can get on here and talk shit sitting in the comfort of their own home. why dont you man-up and walk up to a juggalo and say that shit? are you scary lil bitch or what? are you made cuz mommas not their to give you the proper nurturing? you need some tittie-milk? what the fuck? give me some kinda logical explaination, for fucks sake. not all juggalos are bad people. i will admit, there are a few of you juggalos out there that give us other ones a bad image. but fuck it, its life. way too short, why not live it up? i really could care less if you like me or not. ONE LESS JACK OFF THAT I HAVE TO FUCK WITH if ya dont. and let me tell you, there are a lot of narrow minded dumbshits roaming about this place. now, let me redirect by saying this. honestly, due to others giving juggalos a bad image, i’ve kinda stepped back and looked at it from an outside perspective. they (wicked clowns) will always be a part of my life, but i have to be 100 percent honest here, im not what you consider a juggalo anymore. im ME. and once again, referr to the about four lines up on if you dont like me. ICP consumed my life for a long time. it sure was fun while it lasted. and thats not all i like. i listen to pretty much anything. nine inch nails, tool, faith no more, the doors, cannible corpse, nile, behemoth, nirvana, etc. so, before you go running your mouth about someone you dont know…remember this, cant judge a book by its cover (at least thats what i’ve always been told). you’re not a fucking cop or a judge, so stop the profiling. i hate everyone until i get to know you. i spread my racism equally. CANT WE ALL JUST GET A BONG? fuckin christ!!

  • Juggalo_maniax_serialkilla

    i lost a lot of faith in ICP when the song “miracels” came out. due to the poor lyric “magnets, how do they work? well…*scratches head* hmm…lets think about that. must be a miracle…they seem to think so. and another guy down there said “people like this is why my friends wont go to tech shows, cuz they dont wanna be associated with these people. also, they are annoying with their chants are (think he meant and) moshing.” chanting is showing the artist that you really support ’em. and what else are you supposed to do other than mosh? (yes, i know its a rap concert and not a rock, metal, or death metal concert) sit there with your finger up your ass? or maybe day n night, you could stick you finger up the guy next to you ass. rap concerts are do plain. i mean, i’ve seen a lot of groups (mainly psychopathic) icp, twiztid, abk, axe murder fucktards, dayton family, kottonmouth kings, bone thugs, dj swamp, korrupt, filthee imigrants, boondox, etc. and all they seem to do is (cuz they dont have the talent to play an instrument) jump around and talk into the mic. rap is losing appeal to me. due to the fact that i think most of them dont have talent. anyone, my ten year old, could write a rap. rap=retards attempting poetry. had to throw that in there to piss most you fucks off. cuz I DONT GIVE A FUCKIN FUCK. FUCK YOU. this juggalo, well, he has jumped off the ICP band-wagon. have fun kiddies. enjoy it while it lasts.

  • Juggalo_maniax_serialkilla

    yes, i do realize that i posted a comment defending ICP then one that dissed ’em. i have 2 egos. one side of my still gets pissed off about narrow minded shits looking down their nose about the ICP topic. and the other side of me hates the fuckin shit outta ’em. and wheather or not you want to admit this, ICP is selling out. i give it a couple more years if that…

  • Mike Spohn

    Wow, I can’t believe all the hate I see. Let me put it this way: I’ve been a Juggalo for about 5 years or so. I was never introduced to the music until high school. After listening to the groups on Psychopathic Records, I was fortunate enough to hear a bit of Tech N9ne here and there, so I decided to pick up Everready; it is STILL my favorite Tech album.

    I’m a fan of Tech because I respect all that he has done for himself and the underground, and I’ve been exposed to other great acts on Strange because of him. I was lucky enough to meet the Strange crew at Diesel in Pittsburgh back in October and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Matter of fact, the blog here actually wrote an article of the video review I gave. It’s one thing if you hate specific people, but it’s not right to stigmatize an entire group just because a few have given the whole a bad name.

  • 14riegle

    from my experience only a few juggalos are “shit talkers” or “pussies”. You shldnt steriotype us all by saying most of us are what u described. only a few of us are like that.

  • Lucem Ferre

    thats the thing about juggalos all juggalos like a wide range of music thats why we like icp and twiztid and shit they are all extremely diverse in their music

  • Grant

    I’m a pretty open-minded sort of guy. I believe anyone can like anything if they choose to. It doesn’t make them fake. I believe we could find beauty in pretty much all genres of music, but I listened to like two of ICP’s songs and this is one type of music that I can’t find beauty in.
    I seriously think that juggalos only want to like ICP to be unique. They want to separate themselves from general society as much as possible, so they listen to the weirdest, most repulsive music out there. From my experiences with juggalos, they are… well.. they’re basically depressed idiots. I’m not saying they’re all like that, but the ones I’ve met are like that. They’re also way too obsessive over their music. Despite how they say things like “we’re some of the most real people,” I actually think juggalos are much faker than most people out there, which is exemplified by a quote from this article “the same fans have recently come out in protest to Tech’s recent spike in popularity.” This shows that they like unpopular music ONLY BECAUSE it is unpopular. If you WANT to be an outcast… fine with me I guess. I don’t know why they would do that. It’s stupid, which is why I think they’re idiots. Again, I’m talking about the majority, not everyone. Is it just a coincidence that the juggalos I’ve met were all smelly? With what I’ve gathered about them, I have no idea why they like Tech. He’s too G. Maybe it’s just because he paints his face.
    It does embarrass me in a way to like Tech, because juggalos like him. still love Tech, though I don’t want to be associated with people who have such stupid mindsets. Luckily, the Tech fans that I know don’t even know what a juggalo is. I’m glad Tech is finally going to “go mainstream,” because he’s going to finally collaborate with some of my favorite rappers. Maybe it’ll ward off those juggalos too.

  • juggalette love

    hell ya

  • Ivill pwnu

    Tech is a smart business man, he knows the juggalo fanbase will buy/pay for anything in droves even when the music is gawd awful and utter shit. You don’t think tech wants a piece of that pie? pfftt, why do you think he backtracks so much, he doesn’t wanna piss off either of his fanbase, but he ends up winning in the end cause he gets paid.

  • steve newell

    you sir, are wrong :) juggalo face paint is about being against racism and everyone being equal 

  • nielson96

    I label myself as a juggalo because I like the music and I am not a dumbass who goes and commits crimes with a hatchet.and to those who do, you need to stop because im sick of getting looks for who I am because you do stupid shit.

  • Drew$ki Band$

    Did Tech have a fallout with the Juggalo artists?
    I’ve noticed they aren’t on any of his albums..


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