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Strange Music Security Breach [Poll]

Published: April 29, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Leaks happen, sure, but they are never accidental, and the fact the we use the word leak as though classified documents and unreleased tracks flow out of copper-fitted pipes is resoundingly absurd. “I Love Music” is a thoroughly hype-sating track, but the excellence of this ‘leaked’ song is not in question. The party responsible for the ‘leak’ is…


Make sure to preorder All 6’s and 7’s set to drop 6/7.

~ Stefan Pyles, Strange Music Captain of Internal Affairs

  • I Am Mizery Made



    Tech had something to do with it. Wanted to give fans a little bit more.

  • InternetJunky

    It was tech…if it was “leaked” he wouldn’t be advertising it and the Youtube videos of the song would be dropping like flies

  • of course its tech but those are some creative options there haha

  • Greatmathias88

    It was Tech, since he mentioned on Twitter that “his people” were asking for the song. He didn’t intend for the final version to leak I don’t think (he also mentioned his people only needing his verse and the hook) but the distribution company was responsible for the leak and Tech gave it to them.

  • norway

    soulja boy fan who dont know what music means

  • Wearedeadartists

    These blogs are fucking ridiculously stupid. It was Fontana. Who gives a fuck.

  • Matt_the_man

    u mad bro?

  • Sp120804

    i’d hate to see how this guy gets when the supermarket is out of fresh papaya

  • Cross Eyed Joe

    Jeff your a fool for this!! lol haha damn homie.. your answers were hillarious.. I’m not disgruntled about not being a blogger!! Streets!! lol

  • lol funny. im not voting on this one 🙂 cia rofl


    it was get ready for it…………………. ICYROC CRAVEN
    releasin them unrelaesed tracks

  • bahahaha! hater, blogs 4 life! lol


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