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My Favorite Merch:Tech N9ne Red Skull Splatter T-Shirt [Merch]

Published: May 13, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

It has almost been a month now that I ordered and received my Tech N9ne Red Skull Splatter T-Shirt. First, I would like to say that it took only two days for the shirt to get to me in Massachusetts! That is what I call a quality purchase. Second, I’d like to say that it has given Tech so much publicity in my school and everywhere else that I wear the shirt. The first day that I wore the shirt to school almost 15 people told me they liked my shirt. I know that none of them know who Tech N9ne is but because of my shirt they now know and are most likely listening! This is why my Tech N9ne Red Skull Splatter T-Shirt is my favorite shirt, because anywhere I go I get compliments from people saying “TECH N9NEEE!!!”. Click here to purchase your very own.

Strange Music offers the finest apparel and merchandise always made with the highest quality fabrics available. With the same standard of excellence that goes into making the music that fans have grown to love, Strange Music pulls no stops in making top-notch merchandise available for wearing to the shows, on the streets, or wherever you go.

  • Anonymous

    That’s the same shirt I go and I fucking love it!

  • Sandy Fox


  • That’s one cool shirt! And good service is a definite plus. Can they also make customized shirts? I would like to order some for me and my friends.


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