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Eligh Of Living Legends Remixes ‘Worldwide Choppers’ [Audio]

Published: June 7, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

It looks like the “Worldwide Choppers” phenomenon hasn’t slowed down one bit, both literally and figuratively, as Eligh of the Living Legends crew has released his own unofficial remix to Tech N9ne’s rapid fire behemoth. Unleashing a flurry of stunning rhymes, Eligh attacks the track with a brand new verse that boasts his killer lyrics and impeccable timing. Eligh manages to flawlessy insert himself into the track, and completely give it a facelift. The blazing remix has just started to make its way around the internet, but already independent MC Bus Driver has been called to add his own verse to the remix. The release of the track has prompted Twitter followers to voice their opinion, calling for an official Tech N9ne and Eligh collaboration. Who knows what this remix will lead to, but by the end of it, we may have a completely different “Worldwide Choppers” on our hands.

Click here to listen or scroll down below.

Eligh hits Twitter to promote the remix:

Click here to purchase Tech N9ne’s All 6’s And 7’s, featuring the original “Worldwide Choppers”.

What did you think of Eligh’s remix? Would you like to see more MCs put their stamp on “Worldwide Choppers”? Leave your thoughts below!

“Worldwide Choppers” was produced by Seven.

  • Kingp1983

    Bizzy bone and krayzie bone shoulda been on WWC

  • Bththeoneyoulove

    Tech and eligh definitely need to get together on this one. A collaboration would be great

  • That’s some fresh lyrical madness right there.
    @b65a10742fbf4ed9e71e9013f1222354:disqus – Bone didn’t even bother putting out a track they did with Tech. It was suppose to be on their new album until they scratched it. Refer to “Bad Season Deluxe Edition” to hear “Speed Of Sound” (the acapella he spit that was suppose to be on the track). It too is fresh as heavan.

  • they should really look for a chopper in every country, that would be fuckin dope

  • they should really look for a chopper in every country, that would be fuckin dope


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