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Police Say Tech N9ne Is A Real ‘Riot Maker’

Published: June 21, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Everybody knows that the real madness at a Tech N9ne show happens on stage, but sometimes, it can unfortunately spill out into the crowd. is reporting that a violent incident among the fans ocurred during the Petaluma, CA stop of the All 6’s And 7’s Tour. The incident took place when an individual attempted to run off with items that were for sale during the concert. reports:

“Jeronimo Cervantes was arrested for stealing items that were for sale at the Phoenix Theater in California during a Tech N9ne concert. The 18-year-old assailant pulled a knife on a concert goer that chased him outside. The police were called and Cervantes was booked at the Sonoma County Jail on $30,000 bail.”

Now it appears as though local police are pointing the finger at Tech N9ne’s music as the root cause. Police are said to blame hip hop concerts for any violent incidents that take place at the Phoenix Theatre. Management of the Phoenix Theatre insists that they “check for weapons at the door and do research on groups before booking them to make sure they don’t promote drugs and violence in their music.” While local police and the theatre sort this issue, Tech N9ne and Strange Music continue their tour in California with stops in Redway and Sacramento.

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What do you think about this? Is it fair for Tech N9ne to be blamed for what appears to be an isolated incident? Are the local police right or are they too quick to blame hip hop music?

  • its just sad that the police would say its his fault or any of that hate shit one day we will rise above all this

  • Man fuck the police. Tech’s music promotes love!!!

  • tyson tat remoooooooved

    Muthafuckas get fucked up at shows dont even lie! Lol

  • The actions of one idiot, do not speak for an entire fan-base, nor do they speak for the artist.

  • Strangeland kid

    One fan acted stupid… So what. I don’t see y 5-o puttin the blame an hip hop. Does techs lyrics say”steal shit from my show and pull a blade out on someone”? No. So stop putting the blame on hip hop. Half u cops are country and rock lovers and the other half don’t even listen to music.

  • dirty530

    E-40 was banned from Chico by the police there because of incidents like this happening

  • Nessa

    That’s a bunch of b.s. The police have no right to point the finger at tech n9ne nd his music. I went to his concert this past saturday at the catalyst in santa cruz. Were the fights? Sure. But were they influenced by the music? Fuck no. It’s the people who do that to themselves nd take charge on their actions on their own. Leave Tech nd his music out of it!

  • This is stupid!! People are always going to blame the artists and their music for people’s stupid actions. This same thing happened with Marilyn Manson and the Columbine shooting. If this is the case the only people they are going to allow in Arizona is Britney Spears and Leona Lewis. 

  • Ta7192

    Fuck the Holice

  • Koryd1234

    HELLA bullshit, like the comments before me techs music promotes love, and educated lyrics. And police believe jus because violent people/gangmembers are the only people with good taste in music, the music must be what makes them that way. Nah its stupid shit the cops say and try that make us do shit. But honestly who the fukk would steal from tech? I woulda stabbed the dude myself for that lmao be like cut me bitch, i got technician blood, the blade will break in contact with my skin. Then stab him and take tech his shit personally haha. Fuck the police and they’re mentality on great music. I’ve heard GREAT old rock that promotes violence more than tech

  • wicked

    when is the world going to grow up and start taking responsibility for their own actions.
    ” If I sell a liitle crack ain’t nothin to it gangsta rap made me do itIf I die in Iraq ain’t nothin to it gangsta rap made me do itIf I take you for granted ain’t nothin to it gangsta rap made me do itIf I fuck up the planet ain’t nothin to it gangsta rap made me do it” ice cube

  • Our justice system is allergic to the truth, and placing blame where it doesn’t belong is in their nature. This doesn’t really surprise me. 

  • Hell Naw!!! People make their own decisions and just because some idiot decided he wanted to be a theif, that’s NOT Tech’s fault!!

  • Puppy

    dude fuck the popo. thats bullshit. tech n9ne needs to keep doin what he’s doin. i guess some people just cant handle this wicked shitt! 

  • Offtapsince2000

    as per usual the cops and the press suk a whole lotta dick,I will give an honest account of my experience when i saw Sir NinesAlot   I live in Australia the joint with all the kangaroos n shit,when tech played in  my hometown Adelaide it was the best   show i have ever had the  privelage of seeing,and im 40 mofo years old so ive seen some shit in my travels,there were some assults i saw i must admit,mainly tech9z mic,it  copped a severe verbal beating,with blissful hardcore we couldnt get enough of i ears were smashed,there was a mad skirmish that happened,like hell fukwit pigs it was everyone freaking over the music and jumping all over the club,and there was a mass stomping,every motherfuckers feet on the floor,everyone i know got wasted and their head was pounding,i could go on for ever,absolute,total,nil,nada,nothing,zero problemz,no hassles,no sleezy fukwits,no wanker security,no dramas at all.I couldnt beleive the ambiance and im not shitting it was the best time ive had since i can remember,only problem was it finished too soon,we could of and would to have listed to every track he knew.It was hilairious the way you could hear the dancefloor thumping from outside,you could see straight in and it was about half a beat behind the music,its my dream to have a holiday to the usa just to see tech9 n the regime,you know yuk n dat sheeeeeeeet,remember this is coming from the other side of the world,dont belive me hit me on facebook under John Mason Adelaide Australia,Offtap Clothing Dezynz ,il gladly tell you to fuck off   give it up,go suck some dick and any other comment that might piss you off,anyway fukwit tech9 haters,the faggot in the crowd pulled a knife like a guttless fuckin loose assed ball waring poof,as iff Sir 9s Alot would have anything to do or back up that yellow as a 1964 corvette braindead fukwit,got it,back off you jack off and go suck down some dick froth,iff you think you can pin any sort of shit on tech or any rapper that shows how narrow minded and ignorant your whole system really is ,how dare you undermine everything every soldier in any army that helped protect your civil rights and your freedom,you wonder why society is starting to really diminish in several ways,it comes from uncertainty derived from unfairness and a loss of hope in the ways of the worlds judicial and police sytems currently in place      

  • thanx 4 da luv


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