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POLL: Best Busta Rhymes ‘Worldwide Choppers’ Cover? [Video]

Published: August 24, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Fans Cover Busta Rhymes On "Worldwide Choppers"

The “Worldwide Choppers” phenomenon continues to grow, even months after the track was first released. As one of the biggest collaborations ever put together, the track has some of the best talent the music industry has to offer. Arguably the most intricate verse on the entire track, Busta Rhymes’ verse became one of the most popular to be featured and even went on to be declared one of the best in his career. It was only a matter of time before fans tried their own cover of the now infamous verse. From the stuttering flow to the rapid fire delivery, these three fans do their best to keep up with Busta, but which one did it the best?

Busta Rhymes Cover #1

Busta Rhymes Cover #2

Busta Rhymes Cover #3

Vote below for the best Busta Rhymes cover.


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  • Those fucking suck… especially the girl. I can rap busta’s flow 10 times better than these fools. How do you make a submission?

  • Kcody62

    I Pick Mine lol 😛 ——->

  • Three was probably the best. But he seemed like a dicklord.

  • yourmom

     i think the girl did it pretty good considering she’s a girl..and white..

  • yourmom

    the girl did it way better in this one

  • barbie

    yeah i agree..3 seems like a huge asshole and i didnt even think he was that good.


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