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Young Bleed Keeps His Roots Preserved [Editorial]

Published: September 20, 2011 in Strange Music by

Young Bleed

For months, it was speculated that former No Limit artist Young Bleed would be joining the ranks of Strange Music’s elite. Fans wondered just when he would show up and to what capacity he would be involved with Strange. Most were aware of his successful run with No Limit, which included his best selling album, My Balls And My Word. Now, over a decade later, Young Bleed looked to regain his status among the top MCs in the game. The announcement came as a bit of a surprise to everyone. Young Bleed was positioned to be the flagship artist of Strange Lane Records, a new subsidiary of Strange Music.

With Strange Music’s reputation for diversity, it suddenly became clear why Young Bleed was brought on board. Strange Music had never been home to an artist strictly from Southern roots. Young Bleed would bring a completely different world and flavor to Strange Music. His rough and slurred delivery is representative of the Dirty South style that fans have come to love. Coming from Louisiana, the MC knows more than a thing or two about struggle, and as his home state continues to rebuild, he does the same with his career. Even though Young Bleed is beginning a new chapter in his career, he hasn’t left his roots behind. Joining him on Preserved will be Louisiana’s own, Juvenile. Representing their territory, the collaboration is expected to be a smash single for the album, and marks the first time Juvenile has appeared on a Strange release. This is the story of real life, and a determined and seasoned Young Bleed will be leading the way for Strange Lane Records with his debut, Preserved.

This is the South. This is Young Bleed. This is Preserved.

-Victor Sandoval, Assistant Editor Strange Music Inc

Follow Victor on Twitter: @VicMSandoval

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