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‘Support REAL Independent Music’ – Mac Lethal Stands By Tech N9ne

Published: November 11, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Mac Lethal Stands Up For Independent Music

The amount of work and dedication that it takes to survive as an independent artist is nothing to brush off. Between endless amounts of live shows on the road and constant releases, independent music is built on the sacrifices made to exist without major labels.

The battle rap veteran has long been a staple in the independent music scene and with Tech N9ne’s Welcome To Strangeland officially out, Mac looked to support his fellow Kansas City native with a few choice words for fans on

“What up everybody? Mac Lethal here.

Just wanted to stop by to remind everyone to immediately cop the new Tech N9ne album. We gotta push real independent musicians to the top of the charts.

I am sick of seeing major labels push out huge MTV artists and slap the ‘independent’ sticker on them. It’s an insult and a slap in the face to us who put in HUGE amounts of work, frustration, and elbow grease with no label’s assistance at all.

We are on the road 200 shows a year, deeply connected to our fans on an unprecedented personal level, and getting very small amounts of network tv/commercial radio exposure.

The Strange Music family is who you need to place your bets on this week. Get Tech N9ne’s new album.


Mac Lethal”

As one of the most well known independent acts in the Midwest, Mac Lethal is making sure that fans remember what it means to be truly independent. The same values that have carried Strange Music around the world have helped Mac Lethal maintain a successful career on the independent level. With independent values in mind, Mac Lethal is asking fans everywhere to take a step inside Strangeland.

Click here to purchase Welcome To Strangeland on iTunes.

What do you think about Mac Lethal’s comments to fans? Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Anonymous

    Mac Lethal is dope and he speaks the truth.


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