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The Year In Review – 2011: Technicians Worldwide Share Their Stories

Published: December 27, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne Year In Review Fan Features

Whether it’s from the creation of a pizza pie dedicated to the King of Kansas City or an inspiration to keep moving on despite the hardest of circumstances, Tech N9ne influences a wide range of fans in many different ways. This year we were able to relay a great number of fan stories thanks to the continuous courage of the Technicians worldwide and the numerous elite contributors we’ve had the pleasure of working with in order to get those stories told. This year we were able to publish 56 Fan Features.

Here are the Fan Feature stories we covered in 2011:

Stories To Help You Keep On Keeping On
Tech’s perseverance through the industry and his courage to lay his heart out on the track is more than enough to keep Technicians around the world going no matter what the circumstances.

Tattoo Stories
Just a few of the thousands of tattoos inked yearly dedicated towards Tech N9ne and Strange Music were give the written treatment here.

Tech Inspires Technicians To Do Their Own Thing
Whether they be musicians, artists, or anything else, Tech inspires many to follow their dreams despite the naysayers and obstacles that might get in the way.

Technicians In The Army
As soldiers bravely venture overseas to fight for our country, Tech N9ne’s music inspires them and keeps them sane despite the chance of losing their lives.

Tech Encounters
Fans share their encounters with Tech N9ne whether through VIP or before and after the shows!

The Rest
Some stories are just so their own that you can’t put them in a category. Check out the story about The N9ne pizza, Tech’s son Dontez Yates, or the couple who pushed back their wedding to go to a Tech show!

How has Tech N9ne influenced you and your life? Send your story to fans!


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