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US Army Soldier Speaks On Recent USO Show [Fan Feature]

Published: January 19, 2012 in Krizz Kaliko, Tech N9ne by

How far did you travel to work today…10 miles?…15 miles?…30 miles? CPL Jeff Massong from Yakima, Washington traveled 6,784 miles and hasn’t been back from work for three years. Stationed at Camp Beuhring in Kuwait, Iraq, CPL Massong utilizes the raw power of Strange Music to get him through an “average” day:

“Time to hit up a mission, got you [Strange Music] in my earbuds, time to hit the gym, got you in my earbuds, time to clean my weapon, got you in my earbuds. Music gets me through my days over here.”

A resident of Strangeland ever since first hearing “This Ring” while he was in high school, CPL Massong was in for a pleasant surprise when Tech N9ne showed up at Camp Beuhring for one of the stops on his USO show roster. Even more of a surprise was that the CPL wasn’t aware Tech was even there.

“I had gotten off work at about 19:20 and as I walked outside I heard music and was like ‘Hold up, I know this song!’ I had read that Tech was going to be doing his first ever USO tour a few days before that and then it all clicked. I sprinted to the stage where the show was going on and instantly ran up front and found my way through the crowd! Tech and Big Krizz had the crowd pumped! It was so good to see all my brothers and sisters in arms having some fun and jumping on the ‘Strange bus’!”

One of the most memorable moments of Tech’s USO tour was him performing “The Noose” for the first time live to the audience that inspired him to write it: the troops. “The Noose” is one of the more controversial songs in Tech N9ne’s gamut as it addresses the sensitive subject of suicide among troops returning home–a very real threat. CPL Massong had this to say of “The Noose” –

“It’s a song that a lot of people don’t get, but for those of us that have really seen what goes on behind the curtain and know what it’s all about, the suicide rate of military members is no joke. It’s good that Tech brought this song to light and it’s good to have a strong figure voice his opinion on this subject, much love for that track.”

CPL Massong will be coming home in mid-2012, after his four-year stint is done and he plans on attending school for Law Enforcement – “So if you get pulled over and you hear Strange Music bumping out of the squad car, you know who it is!

To the fans, CPL Massong says “Strange Music shows their fans the best time. Do yourself a favor and jump on board!”

As for CPL Massong’s family and friends back home, he says “I miss and love you all, and I can’t wait to get back home and have some fun! Hope ya’ll are as ready as I am!”

A special thank you CPL Jeff Massong for both this interview and everything you do, Godspeed!

Tech N9ne USO

Leave your well wishes for Corporeal Jeff Massong in the comments section below!

  • Msm98908

    No way! Awesome bro! When you’re back home come check out a TECH show in Spoklahoma! He’s been here several times and im guessing he’ll be back! So surprised to see ya on here!!! Love you brother, Michael – Mary and Pepper ; )

  • CrisSayago

    hope you come back soon corpreal god bless


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