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Texas Technician Find Solace In Strange [Fan Feature]

Published: February 2, 2012 in Strange Music by

Jay Rock And Fan TJ Rackley

TJ Rackley has been a Strange Music fan from the young age of 11. The Texas native has seen a lot of strife in his 17 years.

When TJ was in elementary school, his mother started having seizures. They found out she was suffering from epilepsy.

“I remember when I was in 3rd grade, she picked me up from school and we went to the corner store. She ended up having a Grand Mal seizure right there in the store. I was so young, I thought she was dead. They rushed her to the hospital. I don’t remember everything that happened, as my Dad would hide a lot of it from me.”

TJ’s mother not only struggled with epilepsy, she began to have horrible stomach pains. The doctors said that she had ulcers amongst other problems and scheduled her for surgery. After that, things went from bad to worse.

“She had a lot of pain, so they prescribed a bunch of pain medicine. Then she started getting anxiety attacks so they prescribed her Xanax. I guess she really liked the feeling, because she started taking it more and more. She was fully addicted.”

TJ’s parents, their relationship already strained, ended up getting divorced. TJ found himself living with his grandparents. His mother went to rehab.

TJ found solace in Strange.

“I started listening to strange when Everready came out. I think I was around 11. When I listen to strange, I can relate to it. It’s not just music that talks about bitches, money and drugs. I know some of the music gets buck as fuck, but it’s not the only things they rap about. And I respect that.”

TJ has made it to four shows and has the lyrics to “One Good Time” tattooed on his leg. He plans on dedicating that same leg to nothing but Strange Music tattoos.

He lists Kutt Calhoun and Tech as his favorite artists, closely followed by Jay Rock and Brotha Lynch Hung. “Hey Hey Hey”, “One Good Time” and ‘The Last Sad Song‘ make his daily play list as well as “All By My Lonely” and “Calling My Name”.

“Strange Music definitely has had a positive effect on my life. I love the fact that all the artists are all about their fans.”

TJ has such a love for hip-hop that he is about to start recording and produce his own music.

His inspirations? Strange Music and also the artist Flawless Real Talk.

His aspirations? To eventually work with Strange Music.

TJ is also busying himself with going back to school to get his GED. He has a two-month-old daughter, who has brought not only joy but responsibility to his life. The mother of his child has also been a key component for TJ piecing his life back together, as well as his sister, who is currently in school to become a pastor.

When asked what advice he would give to folks who are going through hard times, TJ lays it down proper.

“Keep your head up. Everything gets better if you just keep faith in god. He put you on this Earth for a reason. Listen to some Strange Music. It will make your day better.”

TJ would like to give shout outs to his mother and his friends Brandon Perez and Dalton Anderson.

TJ Tattoo

– Written by Meagen Couch

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  • Anonymous

    Respekt T.J., the relation is mutual. We all have our strife and battles that are different for each individual.  I can only imagine what your struggle was/is like and I hope things go from worse to better until you finally make it through those 5TRANG3 doors and take flight. Hell I wanna hear some of the trax if they become available. Best wishes to you and yours, and keep it 5TRANG3!!!

  • Tanya1white

    Way to go T.J…keep the faith!  Always be true to who you are and trust in those who know the true you! 

  • Tecca Teejay

    Thanks. I appreciate the support. I really didnt believe I was gonna be on here when the first told me. But I appreciste yall thanks abunch


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