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‘FIRE!’ – Fans Get Amped To Prozak’s ‘Enemy’ Featuring Tech N9ne [Social]

Published: April 16, 2012 in Prozak by

Prozak’s latest offering places the emcee right in his element with some ruthless heavy rock influenced production and destructive flows to match.

“Enemy” featuring Tech N9ne is the most recent music video to find its way out of the nightmarish sounds of Paranormal. Shot inside the Strange Music warehouse, Prozak and Tech N9ne serve up some animated visuals thanks to hyperactive lights, smoke machines, and an incredible backdrop that even features some ominous figures in gas masks.

With veteran Prozak fans getting just what they asked for, “Enemy” has the web buzzing as fans eagerly began pre-ordering Prozak’s Paranormal in anticipation of more impressive collaborations.

Check out what fans on the web had to say about “Enemy”:

“Video is sick as fuck!”

“Holy shit this is amazing”

“Tech and Prozak go fucking hard!! Love it!”

” Paranormal gon’ be effin HUGE”

“Loving the rock instrumental”

” The intro for this video is SICK SICK SICK. I just love how u all used the strange HQ’s gate as the intro.”

“So glad Prozak was signed..perfect addition, definitely STRANGE”

“This video makes me wanna get violent and fight random people on the street!”

“Man….This shit is MIND BLOWING!!!!!!!”

“2012 is the year of Strange! Paranormal’s gonna be sick”

“Thank God for the Snake and Bat or there would be no good music out!!”

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Click here to pre-order Paranormal.

Prozak - "Paranormal"

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