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‘I Haven’t Even Reached My Pinnacle Yet’ – Krizz Kaliko Talks ‘NEH’MIND’ And Creative Process

Published: December 11, 2012 in Krizz Kaliko by

Krizz Kaliko Talks "NEH'MIND" With The Examiner

For those following Krizz Kaliko’s career, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that this dude just never sleeps. Only six months after releasing his fourth full-length album Kickin’ & Screamin’, Strange Music’s resident Genius has already toured Europe and released another project in the form of his brand new NEH’MIND EP.

In the wake of all this insanity, Krizz still had time to sit down with The Examiner to discuss his new project, his musical style, religion, and more!

The Examiner started off the Q & A by asking Krizz what the EP title NEH’MIND means to him. Krizz had this to say:

I felt like enough people weren’t getting it. A lot of Hip Hop is being simplified and I like it when I’m in the club. I would never hate on it but I felt like enough people weren’t getting this elite music that I do and Tech N9ne does. People are getting it but not like that so I’m like, neh’mind. The funny thing is it’s a running joke with me and Tech because we don’t say “never mind” we say “neh’mind”. It just sounded like a good title. That’s a little more serious way to explain it but aside from that it just felt fun.

Krizz also goes on to discuss his peak -which hasn’t happened, the frequency with which he releases projects, and even talks about his next project!

Click here to read the full interview.


  • How do you feel about Krizz Kaliko exploring other genres of music?

Let us know in the comments section below!

  • B-Mor7

    I luv when he explores other genres of music. I’m feelin’ the dub step on Kickin & Screamin but I’d like to hear more rock type shit. I bump Kaly’s albums in my car more than any other artist. I also like to explore other genres myself. Plus I just did a remix to Damage off Neh Mind. Check my Reverb Nation for the track…


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