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NEW Music In The Works From ¡MAYDAY!

Published: January 17, 2014 in Mayday by

That’s right, new music is currently being cultivated for all past, present and future Believers out there!

The members of ¡MAYDAY! have taken to social media to drop hints about getting the ball rolling down in Miami. Bernz, for example, says that he has done nothing but “eat, shit & sleep music for the past 2 weeks” which we can only assume to be a good sign for things to come.

Wrekonize has been hard at work right alongside Bernz and is apparently ready to go in on some vocals in the very near future, as this tweet implies:

With the collective genius of these two epic emcees and their bandmates, we cannot wait for our ears to be on the receiving end of anything they’re sending out to the masses.

Be sure to follow ¡MAYDAY! on Twitter and like them on Facebook to be the first to know about music, merch, tours and more!

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¡MAYDAY! - Believers


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