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Making Underground Raw Shit: Ten Essential MURS Tracks

Published: February 10, 2014 in Strange Music by


Well, the proverbial cat is out of the bag. We have signed the Living Legend (Get it?!) MURS to Strange Music.

While nobody could have seen this coming, long time fans of Strange Music and MURS know that this is a match made in heaven.

To commemorate the signing of one of our favorite emcees, and to introduce MURS to fans that may not know his music yet, we’ve compiled what we believe to be 10 essential tracks from the west coast spitter.

It’s time to sit back, put the volume up, and let your earholes be filled by the glorious sounds of MURS’ discography.

1. “Bad Man!”

Woah, MURS used to rock the Tech beard! All jokes aside though, this was one of the first tracks we heard that made us become instant fans of the homie MURS. The beat is the perfect cruising tune and the lyrics are lighthearted yet still insightful, a MURS trademark.


At the beginning of 2014, MURS challenged the current trends of hip hop by releasing Shut Your Trap, a self-described backpacker’s foray into trap music. The project, produced entirely by Curtiss King features MURS waxing conscious over beats you would normally expect to hear guys like Jeezy or Chief Keef rapping to. As this track shows, the end result is the perfect mix of neck-snapping beats and actual lyrical content.

3. ¡MAYDAY! ft. MURS – “Hardcore Bitches”

Ok, so this may not technically be a MURS track, but this ¡MAYDAY! track from Take Me To Your Leader acted as the first introduction to MURS for tons of Strange Music fans, and it’s a great track with a killer MURS verse so deal with it. Again, this track displays MURS ability to seamlessly integrate meaningful messages into playful and witty rhymes. The video is pretty easy on the eyes, too!

4. “Life And Time” ft. Ab-Soul & O.C. 

Murs Ab-Soul

MURS has said in previous interviews that Ab-Soul is his current favorite rapper, so it’s only right he got the TDE spitter on a track for the Love And Rockets Vol. 1: The Transformation project he did with Ski Beatz. The track also features legendary Brooklyn emcee O.C., and finds 2 successive generations of west coast rap bridging the gap to the east. Epic.

5. “Animal Style”

Before Macklemore received industry-wide praise for his pro-homosexual anthem “Same Love”, MURS dropped “Animal Style”, an equally touching and incredibly intense tale of the plight of homosexual couples in America. MURS then drew controversy over the accompanying video, in which he kisses a man. All we know is, MURS is a good dude and loves everybody and this is a perfect and touching example of that.

6. “Time Is Now” ft. Snoop Dogg

Murs Snoop Dogg

This track is another perfect merging of different generations of West Coast music. It also shows that MURS can hold his own with pretty much any emcee in the game, a skill that will definitely shine during his new residency with the Snake and Bat.

7. “Murray’s Law


That first line, though: “I’m the four letter word that you don’t bleep out.” MURS’ ode to fake gangsters is a message to anyone that might mistake MURS’ intelligence and eloquence for a lack of street credibility. Also, anytime MURS drops heat over a 9th Wonder beat, it’s definitely worth a listen.

8. “2 Reasons” ft. Aesop

This is the first track off the first album MURS ever released, and it’s also a perfect example of his straight lyricism. Punchlines galore and playful braggadocio weave in and out of a simple but bangin’ boom-bap production. MURS & Aesop would later release music together again as Living Legends with a slew of other dope emcees. If you don’t know, Google them and enjoy.

9. “Slob My Knob”

Honestly, this is just a personal favorite. This is MURS at his most lighthearted and fun. The dude just wants to say “I can rap about getting head better than all the other rappers rapping about getting head,” and he totally does it. A tip of the hat to you, Mr. MURS.

10. “Falling In Flames”

Another great song from MURS with a very important message. This track comes from Yumiko: Curse Of The Merch Girl, an exciting project that was accompanied by a dope graphic novel which was driven entirely by fan support via Kickstarter. This is one of the first instances of crowd funding being used by a notable hip hop artist, and the end result was amazing.

For you fans that weren’t previously familiar with MURS, here you go. And for the fans that have been rocking with the homie for a minute now, then this was just a good refresher and another opportunity to listen to dope music.

While we don’t know the master plan for this whole MURS situation yet, we do know that with an emcee of his caliber joining a label of our caliber, not even the sky is the limit.

  • - Which track was your favorite?
  • - Which Strange artists do you hope to see MURS collaborate with in the future?
  • - Are you excited for this new addition to the roster?

Get at us in the comments section below!

  • Malaka

    Ces Cru and Murs would be dope!

  • Justin Poindexter

    I got a better list of his REALEST songs:
    “Remember 2 Forget”
    “3:16″ Murs x 9th Wonder
    “Can It Be (Half a Million dollars and 18 months later)”
    “Think You Know Me”
    “Varsity Blues”
    “Free” MURS x 9th Wonder
    “Funeral For a Killer” MURS x 9th Wonder
    “Murs Rules The World”
    “Love and Apreciate II feat. Tyler Woods”
    “Murray’s Revenge” Murs x 9th Wonder

  • Nayya

    “Animal Style” goes HARD. Really got to me ;-;
    It would be EPIC to see Murs do a track with Wrekonize Js, Js x)
    It’s always cooleo when a new addition to the family is made ^_^


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