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Could-Be Collaborations: 10 Collabs With Strange Music Artists We Want To Hear

Published: March 17, 2014 in Brotha Lynch Hung, CES Cru, Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun, Mayday, Prozak, Rittz, Stevie Stone, Strange Music, Tech N9ne, Wrekonize by


Have you ever been listening to an artist and wished you were their manager for just a day so you could hook up your dream collaboration?

Seeing as how Tech N9ne Collabos: Strangeulation is dropping soon and features nothing but Strange Music artists, we started thinking about who we’d pick if we could have our artists collab with anyone we wanted.

Imagine if there was a Strangeulation, but with outside features! It would be the shit, but since we don’t control who the artists work with, this post is the next best thing for us. Enjoy!

Tech N9ne / Kanye West

Tech N9ne Kanye West

Yeah, we went there. Of course the popular choice for this is Eminem, we’ve all been waiting on that for some time now, but give this one some thought as well! There are few artists in hip hop that keep up with Tech’s imagination and conceptual prowess, but we think Kanye could be just the guy for the job. In fact, Kanye was a huge influence on Tech N9ne’s All 6′s and 7′s in terms of song structure. Regardless of how you feel about the dude, he’s got an ear for good music, his production skills are insane, and there’s no doubt that he can turn up lyrically when prompted to do so. Give these two a week in the studio and we guarantee it would change your life.

Krizz Kaliko / Big K.R.I.T.

Krizz Kaliko Krit

Words cannot describe how badly we want this collab. Both of these guys have been on an insane hot streak lately, releasing nothing but fire with no signs of letting up anytime soon. We think K.R.I.T.’s soulful production and equally heart-filled lyrics would complement Krizz perfectly. The awesome part? Krizz and K.R.I.T. actually crossed paths in 2012 when the guys were up in Canada, so there’s a very real possibility of this collab occurring! 

Kutt Calhoun / Freddie Gibbs

Kutt Freddie

This is a perfect collaboration just waiting to happen! Both of these emcees are grimy without glorifying the grime. They’re both incredible story tellers, and they both sound at home on a variety of beats. We’re picturing these two on a soulful banger of a beat that allows their storytelling abilities to shine, but still goes the fuck in. 

CES Cru / Pro Era

ces cru pro era

If Ubi and Godemis had been born in Brooklyn, they would most likely be part of the Beast Coast movement already, but that’s not the case so we’re going to need this collab instead. The duo’s spiritually-inclined lyricism is the perfect pairing for the New York collective’s third-eye rhymes. Throw Joey Bada$$, CJ Fly, and Kirk Knight on a track with the Cru, and you’ve got a lyrical showcase that will blow your mind, and probably open it a little as well.

MURS / Astro

murs astro

First of all, have you heard of this kid Astro? He’s a 17 year old from Brooklyn, and he’s killing it. His lyrics are on point and convey a wisdom far beyond the 17 years he’s been alive, and he’s already prolific with the output. As a great embodiment of the spirit of hip hop, we think he and MURS would make an awesome track together. We also think that working with MURS would be a great learning experience from a kid who potentially has a huge future in the hip hop game. 

Prozak / Immortal Technique

Prozak Immortal Technique

This one’s a no brainer. Can you imagine the kind of subject matter that would be covered in a Prozak / Immortal Technique collaboration? You would get a full history lesson and a how-to on civil disobedience in a matter of minutes! We’re hearing them over an ominous, piano-driven beat speaking on everything from the illuminati to climate change and everything in between. 

Stevie Stone / Young Chop

stone chop 1

Yes, we chose for Stevie to work with a producer instead of another rapper, because how ill would this be?!?! If you’re not familiar with Young Chop, he’s the dude behind some of Chief Keef’s gnarliest beats. The 20-year-old producer has also racked up credits for names like Pusha T, Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa, and more. We think his penchant for ear-bloodying bangers would make the perfect soundscape for Stevie Stone’s snarling bars.

¡MAYDAY! / Black Hippy

mayday hippy

During the Grammy Awards, Kendrick Lamar proved something we always thought would be true: the TDE guys can spit over a live band and still sound fucking incredible. Given the diversity within TDE and ¡MAYDAY!, we think this is a match that could yield some truly envelope-pushing music. Also, we just really want to hear Wrekonize and Ab-Soul go verse for verse. 

Brotha Lynch Hung / Nacho Picasso

Nacho Lynch

This one came out of left field, but we’re pretty positive it would work out wonderfully. The California born, Seattle raised Nacho Picasso spits venomous bars full of dark humor and things that you didn’t even know could occur in the human mind until he says them. Pair that mindset and youthful “don’t give a fuck” attitude with Brotha Lynch Hung’s veteran skills and you’ve got a guaranteed gnarly track. 

Rittz / Alchemist

TheAlchemist rittz

Rittz has proved over and over that he has mastered rapping over southern style instrumentals, but what would happen if we threw him on a sinister track produced by Alan The Chemist? Magic, that’s what. We know Rittz has the lyrical versatility to adapt to Alchemist’s style, and the end result would probably be one of the hardest tracks of his career. 

So, these are the tracks that would end up on a Strange collabos album if we controlled the universe. Think you can come up with better pairings? Hit up the comments section and give us your opinion!! 


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  • What did you think of the picks?
  • - What picks would you make for Strange Music artists collabos?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


  • Joe Durossette

    Krizz kaliko and tech should collaborate with Christian rapper sevin from hog mob

  • Anton Hatt

    Nice list, I would like to hear Brotha Lynch with King Gordy, dont know if their voices would with togethere but the subjects would be spit on!

  • Richard Doughty

    Tech N9ne & Lecrae?

  • Alex Mendoza

    Tech and p.o.s.

  • Anirudh Anination

    Rittz and mgk would be nice.:)

  • Cory Martin

    Ces cru, flatbush zombies, ¡mayday! & underachievers

  • Ganon Gorseth

    Tech and MF Doom, Murs and Danny Brown

  • Andres Ortiz

    Tech, Murs, and Eminem if you can get him on a track

  • paulstevenson

    horseshoe gang and one with just you and twisted insane definitely

  • Weezy Bellis

    LYNCH AND PICASSO!!! Holy Shit!! I can’t believe Strange actually put this up. I was just thinkin about this. I’m from Seattle and grew upon Lynch but Nacho is the best thing in a very long time! Lynch and Picasso on a BSBD track would be insane!!

  • Ganon Gorseth

    I forgot to say Stevie stone or tech should collab with the RZA

  • JayJayBloodBath

    besides Prozak and Immortal Technique i don’t see either of these making an lasting impact

    Tech and Kanye? for real? Tech has several really bad collabs but i think Kanye would be the worst of them all it’s not Tech fault he always makes great hits but stop adding garbage to otherwise golden songs D:

    in 2013 i loved Prozak’s album the best cause it was just him doing music he loves it didn’t have any bullshit collabs

  • rojocube

    Eminem and wrekonize would be sick. Of course it’s gotta be eminem and tech.

  • rojocube

    Murs has one track he’s known for. Now he’ll just feed off tech. It can only be tech and eminem. After they finally do a collabo then you can add kaliko, Stevie wrek and mayday.

  • Richie Reynoso

    That Murs/Astro cola would be dope as hell. Murs and Astro are talented beyond belief and I think they’d go verse fer verse perfectly

  • Richie Reynoso

    Oh an that Tech N9ne an Kayne would be sick, also the Prozak and Immortal Technique would also be another one for the ages, this would just be a Dope Collab CD All Around.

  • Dakota Walker

    tech and jeff turner for sure

  • Tyray Bullet Proof Diggins

    Tech krayzie bone. Slim shady would be insane or kray bizzy flesh

  • Bob Gothot

    Rittz & Dizzy Wright on a smoooooooth sick old school west coast style track. Somethin to ride, smoke, and party to. I think they’d make an awesome and intriguing collab

  • Josh Weaver

    Prozak & Hopsin

  • Josh Weaver

    Tech, Hopsin and Eminem

  • http://www.facebook.com/aflyktion Brandon Jennings

    Tech & Krizz both have done a song with my homie Steven Cooper (pka Lyrycyst).. The songs are amazing. Broken Chains & Fast Lane.

  • B. Dodds

    I think Tech with a feature from Ace Hood would be raw! Yes Ace Hood. The one that raps about the bugatti! but Ace and Tech can both flow on a beat better than most of the rap industry. Ace has done a song with MAYDAY so why wouldn’t he do one with Tech N9ne


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