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WATCH: This Dude Covers Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’ A La Tech N9ne? [Video]

Published: March 21, 2014 in Strange Music, Tech N9ne by

dark horse cover

Well, he’s singing the smash hit in the styles of twenty different artists, including the Kansas City King.

If you have turned on a radio in the past month, you’ve no doubt heard the Katy Perry song “Dark Horse” a few times (or probably seven).

Anthony Vincent took on the task of covering the single, but he put a very distinct twist on it.

Check out how he transitions between the styles of 20 different artists and pay close attention around 2:24 for his take on Tech’s chopping style!


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  • Shanna

    Loved it!! So dope!!!!

  • Tyler Turney

    i think the only one he didnt do so well on was tech. the speed was ok but the sound was slightly off. even so good job guy.

  • Katie

    This was cool, and a plus that dude was sexy.

  • Trevor Hustad

    He needs more Chyeah’ at Techs part! lmao…but this was dope, props!!

  • Saad Grabbed Mahbub

    needs more chea

  • Falyra Jensen


  • Mike Moman

    I hope someone signs him. that’ guy has talent

  • Edisano Ricord

    That was tight!!!:D

  • Crysta Haase

    this is amazing! This guy has talent!!

  • Eric Morgan

    Hard to sound exactly like Tech though. Obviously he won’t have the same timbre, and well Tech has supreme talent in his craft.

    Same was true for Pavarotti, that one wasn’t even close, but by and large this whole thing was really awesome and well done, especially that he went back and did the instrumentation to fit the style of the band. Some of those were just stellar spot on!

  • Sean Nephilim Sellards

    the iron maiden one was bad… The type O negative one was awesome but clearly autotuned that low…I wonder how well he’d do all of that live.

  • Billy Gibbs

    the slipknot part sounds more like static x

  • Billy

    It was so awesomengly cool that I am eager to watch more videos like this one for other songs 🙂

  • Graham Boyce

    damn good

  • Dustin Shoemake


  • Donna DeMartino

    Wow ~ Awesome! This guy blew me away. Would have loved to have seen some Talking Heads in there though . . but this guy is pure talent!

  • Donna DeMartino

    Right!?! I totally agree with you Katie!

  • Maria Gonzales

    Talent is sexy. Aaaand that was amazing.

  • Jason Snyder

    Was that strange enough for you Tech?

  • Dylan Ells

    dude that was just to perfect man. props! hahah

  • Britt Allison

    To pull of that many types of singing and actually do a good job sounding like specific singers is pretty amazing! You sir, have some serious voice control!:3

  • Bobby Gonzalez

    tht was pretty bad ass lol though was not to much likke tech though speed wise yes but the tone was off a bit

  • Jacqueline Schulte

    That was pretty good. But of course Tech is going to be better.


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