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To Do What’s Right – ‘Fragile’ Music Video Strikes A Chord For Technician Kyle Thorn [Fan Feature]

Published: March 6, 2014 in Tech N9ne by

Kyle Fan Feature

Unfortunately the realities depicted in our latest music video “Fragile” are all too common. One Technician who stood up to bullying identified with the story very clearly.

Kyle Thorn, 21, from Cooperstown, New York, wasn’t the type to stand by silently while others were receiving treatment similar to the main character in “Fragile”. Unlike most, he’d often take a stand, even though it made him a target for the very thing he was taking a stand for: bullying.

Is Kyle a saint? Like Tech N9ne, no he’s not, he’s just a human being that stands for what he feel is right:

“Honestly it’s just like, I think everybody’s unique and nobody should be picked on for their quirks or their differences. It’s just something I do. I don’t know. It’s compassion, just being nice to another human being.”

Kyle recounted an instance in which this occurred, an incident that also confirms the still present problem of racism as well.

“One instance happened when I was really little. There’s this one kid that I used to sit with on the bus and they used to pick on him a lot because he was black. I told the older kid to stop. My brother rode the bus and he was friends with this older kid bullying him so he didn’t stand up for me. I’m the one who got picked on after that. As I got older though it generally stopped because I stood up to a lot of people.”

Kyle went on to tell how “Fragile” took him back to the school days he’s referring to.

“I tried to stop bullying a lot, because no one stood up for me and I always stand up to people and it was just crazy to see the Fragile video show that. That video hit really close to home, especially with the girl comforting that guy and giving him the violin and stuff. That meant a lot. That was something special.”

Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 1.09

Even outside of the school setting, Kyle notes that he sees bullying at his current job just as much as he did back then. When hypothesizing on why bullies are the way they are, he hits the nail right on the head: “They have their own bad things going on in their life and maybe they distract themselves by taking it out on other people, which I think is wrong.”

What’s the solution? Surprisingly Kyle suggests that the intervention not only occur with victims of bullying, but even more importantly, with the bullies themselves.

“I think schools should have counselors, that if a teacher sees it, I think those kids that are bullying should have to talk to somebody and just figure them out and why they’re doing it and what they could do to solve it to make it stop.”

Kyle’s message to Tech for the song and video is simply one of thanks. To him and many kids experiencing the effects of bullying and all the other real life subjects him and Strange Music touch on, the music speaks volumes.

“Thank you for being not afraid to be real and put out something like that, especially with today’s music, how it is. To see something like that surface is just beautiful. Thank you.”

  • – How has bullying affected you? Do you stand up to it?
  • – Do you find the “Fragile” video to be relatable? How so?

Leave a comment below or e-mail We want to hear your story!

  • Maggie SycoSiren Brown

    Bullying will forever be a stigma on this world. I’m just glad someone was willing to shine a light on it.

  • Christian Campos

    i dont like bullying but i dont stand for no one da fuk people need to learn to stand up for themselves cus that person that just stood up for you wont be around fo eva call me crazy fuk it gotta live wicked if the world is hell ya heard

  • glitzytechnician

    I got picked on a lot growing up, I felt so grateful to those who stood up for me. I still see it happen now having a school age son, not to him but another kid trying to pick on kids on his bus, and I’ve said something to the kid too. You never know who you’re picking on, what their situation is, what kind of environment they live in, or what you could be making so much worse. love that tech wrote this song ♥

  • Andranel Taylor

    My daughter was getting messed with for being white they were talking crap to her in Spanish was a group of 5-6 kids got so bad she didn’t want to go to go to school this was when she was in 2nd grade I had to flip out on principal and threaten her with the school board and what was worse was she had been going to that school since kindergarten her 1st grade teacher did more to help her then the principal! But my daughter is a solider and a technician! Loves his music and stands tall. Bullying is worse than when I was her age very sad that other people’s ignorance is passed to their children the color of your skin the music you like the way you dress or all of the above should be looked at as unique artistic and self expression not to make someone feel like they are different and need to change u should be able to be who you are and share that uniqueness with the world

  • rajan

    I was always getting picked on while growing up I didn’t care because all the time I got picked on I would fight that person and win and that person would leave me alone


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