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‘Going On Tour With Tech I Already Know It’s About To Be Even Crazier’ – Freddie Gibbs Speaks On The Independent Grind Tour 2014

Published: April 4, 2014 in Strange Music by


Weren’t able to catch our live podcast with Freddie Gibbs? We’ve got a recap for you right here!

Freddie Gibbs joined us to discuss the upcoming Independent Grind Tour, the success he’s had with his latest album and chop it up with his many fans that called in. 

Check out the excerpt below and make sure you don’t miss this independent grinder out on tour! 

Let’s start off at the top, you’re about to go on this tour with Tech N9ne, the Independent Grind Tour 2014. Tell me about how this all came together because I know your fans are really excited to see you out on the road and this is kind of an extended tour for you, it’s more dates than you might have done before.

Yeah it’s the most dates I’ve ever done straight in my career and a big shout out to Tech N9ne for putting me on this tour and showing me love. He’s the biggest independent rapper and for him to recognize my grind and throw me on that shows that he respects what I do and vice versa. And I just appreciate the opportunity to be able to rock it.

And I know everyone here is looking forward to seeing you rock that stage, what I’m interested in is what motivated you to say, “Yeah, I’ll jump on that tour and I’ll do this with Strange Music”?

Just the length of it. I’ve never toured that long so just to get the experience and the knowledge from a guy like Tech N9ne so I can grow my ESGN label to what he has with Strange Music is a good opportunity for me to learn a lot of things. That’s really what motivated me to do it.

From reading a lot of your interviews, it seems like you’re really a student of the game and like most people you have a really loyal following. With that comes really outspoken fans, many who were probably not enthralled or crazy to see you two paired up, but at the same time we’ve seen a lot of positive reactions, what has the reception been like on your end?

A lot of people are just ready to get out here on this road and see the show. I’ve been so wrapped up in the studio just getting my act right for the tour I’m just ready to get out there and see those fans. It seems like everybody’s excited for it from what I’ve seen.

It seems like it’s really going to be a different crowd out there. There has been a huge response, though, because the two of you are respected on such a great level especially in the independent game.

Yeah, he’s introducing me to a lot of his fans and that’s going to be cool. And to play my fan base as well is going to be something else, something special.

We knew we were having you on the podcast today and we’ve actually been watching videos of your live performances at some of these festivals and some of these performances you’ve put on and I’m really interested in knowing what live performances are like from your perspective. Are you rehearsing a lot beforehand, what’s the energy like at your live events?

Everything is impromptu with a Freddie Gibbs show. I do a little bit of rehearsal but for the most part everything is spontaneous. It’s just straight rapping, hardcore rapping and not a whole lot of theatrics and things of that nature to the show. I’m just bringing that raw feeling guys like DMX gave you on stage, I think that’s what I bring to the table.

That’s really dope that you make that comparison and just that real rap music carrying over from the album to the stage, that’s a really dope thing to see.

I just bring the story to the stage, I think that’s what I do.

Now you just hit the road for a few shows with Madlib, is that right?

Yeah, we did Chicago, LA and New York.


How did that run go?

It went real great. Every show sold out, it was dope. I really got the opportunity to do the new album front to back and blend it in with a couple of my songs. Just seeing that go up just shows me already how big this Independent Grind Tour is going to be because the people seem like they’re more ready for my shit than ever.

I know you did that run in support of Cocaine Piñata how was the reaction to those songs being performed live?

Oh they loved it. Like I said, this is the most sold out shows I’ve done in my career. I think I’m in the position where I can say my fan base is growing daily and doing these shows really showed me how much the fan base has grown and what I can do. I’m selling out shows on a consistent basis now and I think this tour is going to amplify that.

You mentioned wanting to jump on this tour because of the amount of dates. I’ve talked to a lot of rappers over the years as far as touring and what kind of wear that has one you. Do you adapt particularly well to the lifestyle or is it hard on you?

I can adapt to it. I’ve been on tours where we stayed in raggedy hotels and it was a straight broke, bullshit tour. So I’m conditioned for it. I’m ready to get out there and work and show what I can do. I still got a whole lot of things to prove and a lot of people that I need to prove wrong. I got a job to do.

It’s great to still see that hunger in you, especially after all this time. And I’ve seen you say a lot that you still have more to do. And speaking of live performances, I’ve always been interested in the psyche that goes into that. I wanted to ask you, coming up in the game, who were some of the performers that you looked to as far as great live performers with crowd control.

Busta Rhymes is a good live performer, he’s dope, one of the best I’d say. Tupac was a good live performer. Like I said, DMX. It’s all about the energy with me. I don’t need anybody up there with me, I don’t need 5o people on stage with me. Just me and the mic, I make that marriage. I go into a zone anyway, it’s like everything goes on mute but I know a part of me takes control and gets the point across.

So one of the unique things about going on a Tech N9ne tour is that every single day there are VIP Meet & Greets and you’ll be a part of this with Jarren Benton, Psych Ward Druggies and Tech. So I wanted to ask you, since you’ll be seeing fans every day, have you had any crazy run-ins with fans up to this point in your career?

Yeah, definitely. I have a lot of crazy fans and going on tour with Tech I already know it’s about to be even crazier. I’m definitely prepared for that. It won’t be anything too crazy, but I do have a lot of girls tattooing my name on them and things of that nature, it’s crazy. 

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