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“The Industry Wants to Put You in a Box, Don’t Let Them”: ¡MAYDAY! Interviews With

Published: September 6, 2017 in Mayday by

In journalism classes, they teach you to remove all bias, but in music journalism, it’s those biases, it’s being a fan that makes for the best interviews.

Case in point’s, Cassidy Kakin and his recent interview with ¡MAYDAY!’s frontmen, Bernz and Wrekonize.

A long time fan of ¡MAYDAY!, Cassidy was the perfect person to breakdown some Search Party cuts and get some great quotes about the crew’s process and perspective on the industry; his excitement makes the write up that much more engaging.

Leading off the interview Cassidy writes:

In their latest album, Search Party, due out this Friday, September 8, that genre-bending experimentation is as apparent as ever, but the songwriting is generally more mellow and introspective than what fans have grown accustomed to from the group. There are tracks that’ll make you want to move your hips (“Pretender,” “Tempted”), but many of them don’t sound quite like the ¡MAYDAY! of yesteryear. Which is to be expected; the group has always grown and transformed with each release.

“I think it’s a cool new chapter in the ¡MAYDAY! book,” Bernz asserts with palpable excitement in his voice. “Some new sounds, new approaches.”  

Be sure to check out the whole interview on and be on the the lookout for Search Party dropping on Friday!



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