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The Rock Big Ups Tech On Twitter And Plays 'Hood Go Crazy' On 'Ballers'
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Tech N9ne Used As A Punchline In Battle Rap [Video]

Published: October 30, 2010 in Tech N9ne
mac lethal
Check out this clip of a Grindtime Battle between Kansas City independent hip hop heavyweight Mac Lethal and San Jose native Dirtbag Dan. This was a highly anticipated battle, as Mac Lethal had taken time out of the battle circuit to focus on recording and touring. Audiences were anxious to see if Mac Lethal still ...Read more.

Tech Fans Perform At Talent Show [Video]

Published: October 29, 2010 in Tech N9ne
tech fans
Here’s a video we found of two Tech fans performing at a talent show. They dubbed their show “The Tech N9ne Experience” and it included parts of “Come Gangsta”, “Midwest Choppers” and “Riotmaker”, among others. The guys really get into it by painting their faces, trying to incite crowd participation and throwing in a couple ...Read more.

Throwback: ‘My Grind Is Independent’ Tech N9ne Interview

Published: October 29, 2010 in Tech N9ne
What makes Tech N9ne so special? The best answer to this question comes from Tech himself: “Tech N9ne is inside-out… out here for the world to see, no fabrications, no smoke and mirrors.” In this 2009 interview with Tommy Danger on, Tech speaks candidly about the 1999 development of Strange Music and why it ...Read more.

‘Seepage’ [Song]

Published: October 29, 2010 in Tech N9ne
seepage cover
The title track ‘Seepage’ is the first song to kick off Tech N9ne’s latest Seepage EP. The track opens up with leftover dialogue from the preceding “Choking From It” skit. In what sounds like an ancient tape that was recovered amongst wreckage, Tech describes the purpose behind his K.O.D. album: “my angel’s dyin’…” Then Tech ...Read more.

Fans Respond To ‘Seepage EP’ [Social]

Published: October 28, 2010 in Tech N9ne
It’s been awhile since Tech has delved in the darkness. Since The Gates Mixed Plate, accusations have come from many fronts of Tech turning soft. With the Seepage EP, Tech has quickly dispelled those rumors and the fans have taken notice. Here are some of the comments that we’ve gathered from Facebook, Twitter, and ...Read more.

Tech And Makzilla Explain ‘The Killer Clown’

Published: October 28, 2010 in Tech N9ne
killer clown
Given that Halloween is only days away we thought it would be good to hear some hood tales from members of the Strange Music crew. Tech N9ne has often referred to “The Killer Clown” in his songs, so we asked him and Makzilla what The Killer Clown was all about. Not to be confused with ...Read more.


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