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'It Had To Be The Elite Of The Elite' - Seven Talks The Making Of Tech N9ne Coll...
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‘It Had To Be The Elite Of The Elite’ – Seven Talks The Making Of Tech N9ne Collabos – ‘Strangeulation’ [Strange Music Exclusive]

Seven Producer

Just when you think you have the Strange Music Sound pinned down in your head is usually the moment when you hear a new Seven-produced song that makes you think "How did they come up with that?" With Tech N9ne Collabos - Strangeulation, prepare for a lot more of those head-scratching but head-nodding moments. ...Read More.

‘We Could Kind Of Forget We Were Getting Shot At’ – Fan And Veteran Elijah Licano Used Tech N9ne’s Music To Cope With War [Fan Feature]

Published: April 7, 2014 in Tech N9ne

Elijah Fan Feature

Human beings are remarkable creatures. Despite whatever adversity is thrown in front of us, we always seem to find a way to get through it. Maybe music was invented to help that process. We'll never know the original intent behind it, but as evidenced by the story we were told from fan Elijah Licano, music serves a purpose far beyond the notes and the silence that falls between them. ...Read More.


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