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Thread: Another rare album exposed, "X-Files EP"

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    valid points, but I guess I'm just weird because the only collection I would spend thousands of dollars on is Property lol
    I've never been much of a collector and I would say the same thing about somebody who collects old sports memorabilia.
    In my eyes people who are willing to spend thousands of dollars on an old Basketball with Michael Jordan's signature is just plain weird and to be brutally honest its ignorant in a logical thought process.... its like they're trying to live vicariously through an object's past relationship. Maybe I just don't understand but it seems like a psychological problem to me.

    Business men will always thrive off of Ignorant men. Holds true to most industries.

    Quote Originally Posted by Strange Admin

    Everyone has their own thing. Some people spend thousands on things for their collection. Doesn't make anyone a dipshit. It's no different than someone who spends a ton of money on sports memorabilia. It's all about what it's worth to the individual person to have it and be able to say "I have one of the only copies".

    Quote Originally Posted by Chief

    Yeah, I mean I understand the Concept but you would have to be fuckin' mentally retarded to spend anywhere near 600 dollars on some music. I mean really and especially music Tech didn't think was good enough to actually to put in a vault and re-release later. And like the OP says the EP has the same track listing as the More Power DVD which means you would be spending 600 dollars on 1 intro and 1 track. Lol That's the most retarded thing I have ever heard. If somebody is willing to spend 600 dollars on a track then that person doesn't deserve 600 dollars anyways. Whatever I assume the track is probably mediocre at best since it didn't make the album cut or make the DVD track-listing. More power to the dingle-berries holding on to the discs and LOL at the dipshits who would spend that kind of money on it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Prospekt

    People are sellin these for 600 or more dollars if the songs were jus readily available it would kill the value. Therefore as a man who loves money I understand, But as a Tech fan I SAY UPLOAD THE FUCKING TRACKS! lol that is all

    Quote Originally Posted by Chief

    No, I wont share because its too rare..... What a homo, this isn't Pokemon cards fuckin' share the tracks or gtfo

    Quote Originally Posted by Tech N9ne Rare Music

    Seems like all these guys who send this stuff to me are the same...they all say it's too rare and therefore confidential...I Point is, they won't give me the tracks to upload for y'all...maybe Strange Admin will hook it up?

    Quote Originally Posted by Austin Smith

    could you please upload it...

    Quote Originally Posted by Strange Admin

    I have a copy of it. Not sure if that song is on it though.

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