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Thread: Tech N9ne Collabos: Strangeulation (May 6th) Album finished

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    I love hearing reference to Nubian, Big Daddy Kane, Heltah Skeltah, Black Moon, Smif-N-Wessun, RZA/Wu, Rass Kass, and Crucial Conflict type artists...dont forget Rakim has too

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    I know I do not get to get on her as much as I LIKE to, but had to ask what most think of the Strangeulation tracks they have heard so far that have been released or leaked and what do most of you think of this new setup for the website and forum?

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    Tech mentioned in his Strange interview for the album that some label members had their verses cut from the album because they were not "elite." Who do you think he was talking about? I'd say the strongest candidates are Prozak and Lynch. Maybe Kutt, but I've never heard him mail in a verse for a track that Tech was also on.

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    what interview was it ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnthonyZamora View Post
    what interview was it ?
    The official Strange one:
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    There's a lot of text to read, so here's to quote I was talking about:

    "I’m a strict leader. If something ain’t polished, it didn’t go on the album. If one of the members of Strange was lackluster it didn’t go on the album and best believe one of my solos did not go on the album. I didn’t cut myself out of shit that got cut out. It was a song that I had that had some lackluster parts on it, and I knew it and I took it off. Anybody else that became lackluster to me – and I know what elite is, and if you’re not working on your craft I can hear it – you can probably hear it on me too – I took it off. No disrespect, but if we’re going to have the industry in a chokehold we can’t have anything that’s lackluster on this bitch. I took some shit off and I hope that the members who didn’t make it on certain songs like they thought they were are not salty. It’s just the general can tell when all wasn’t put in and if that truly was your all then we’ve got a problem, because I’m working on my shit everyday. I was supposed to have five solos on there but I took one off. Sorry n shit, it didn’t make it. It did not make it. As well as a couple of other songs that some people were on that didn’t show up – to me. That’s my opinion."

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    had to have been Lynch Kutt and Prozak who were cut .. seems like the vets didn't get so much love on this album

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    Damn this new thing was hard to get back in, f***ing new forum

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    So... buy the deluxe (for $22, or less if you buy from another source than Strange I'm sure) and you get yourself a "limited edition collectors coin, forged out of solid brass and plated in .999 pure fine silver." Then go to the Strange website and drop $75 for another "limited edition collectors coin, forged out of solid brass and plated in .999 pure fine silver." Strange is really getting ridiculous with the way they find to milk money from their fans. I'm sure we'll see more Rob Prior works for $50 a pop soon with him doing the two live paintings.

    Remember the days when record labels were about music?

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    I'm gonna say Lynch definitely got somethin' cut, 1 verse? Somethin was cut

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