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Thread: Tentative 2014 Strange Music Projects (Jay Rock Album Confirmed)

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    in this interview wrek says he wants to drop one or two mixtapes

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    also I don't want any schedule of shit they're dropping id rather be surprised and have the anticipation build like schoolboy q did. made it so much better when his came out bc everyone had been waiting for so long

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    From Maday's Facebook page

    "Sooo...We recorded this album with our good friend MURS. We wondered if performing it live would be as fun as recording it was. We took some of the freshly recorded material to Austin for SXSW this week and discovered, it totally was.

    Can't wait till you hear this."

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    Whats the word on a new Rittz LP?????

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    Word on the new Rittz LP is this.

    He announces the new title and release date in this video.

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