Show Review: Tech N9ne presents: All 6′s and 7′s – The Tour in Atlanta [Article]

Aug 22 2011

kip reiserer

As Tech N9ne and the rest of the Strange Music artists put on shows around the nation, the performances on all ends are impressing people.

Tech N9ne Considering A "Psycho Bitch III"?From the beginning acts with ¡Mayday! to Kutt Calhoun to Tech N9ne himself, fans and journalists are raving about how impressive this show is becoming.

The Silver Tongue contributor Travis Phillips published a review from the July 27th show in Atlanta, and needless to say, the author of this piece was more than impressed.

“I honestly couldn’t tell you a single song that ¡Mayday! performed,with that said, they put on a amazing show. It didn’t feel like a rock set, more like hip-hop with an amazing live band. The crowd was completely hypnotized by the insane energy, hands being thrown in the air, everyone on their feet, and yet no one was reciting a single word.”

Phillips also expresses his feelings when Tech N9ne finally stepped out onto the stage.

“So with expectations high Tech N9ne finally appears on stage. The thunderous roar of yells, applauds, screams, and even squeals were let out. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

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