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Thread: 2013's Most Disappointing Hip Hop Album was...

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    2013's Most Disappointing Hip Hop Album was...

    Who dropped the most disappointing album of 2013 in hip hop?

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    I was expecting alot more from yeezus...

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    Because the Internet

    Something Else

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    Something Else

    Son of sam

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    We All Fall Down (wasn't bad but was a let down)

    Son of Sam (had some amazing songs but had the more shitty tracks than I expected)

    Crooked I's Apex Predator

    B.o.B's Underground Luxury (don't even know why I bother giving him a chance anymore)

    Still haven't listened to the whole album but Ill Bill's joint prod. by Premo was pretty meh tbh

    Yeezus I won't even list because I didn't know what to expect and came with an open mind of no expectations, as someone who doesn't listen to Kanye

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    Magna Carta


    son of sam

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    Jay-Z Magna Carta

    Krizz- SOS

    B.o.B- Underground Luxury

    Em- MMLP2

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    Lol damn, I wasn't disappointed with most of the albums listed so far. Probably most disappointing album that I actually had some expectations for was Underground Luxury. Therapy would have been my choice had it not just been an EP. Black Gold was by far the most disappointing Strange release imo.

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