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Thread: Found This A Bit Interesting

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    Found This A Bit Interesting

    Saw an old XXL article where Tech N9ne broke down each track on "Bad Season" (link) and noticed the explanation behind "Lick Your Teeth":

    <em>"I sent it to Snoop. First I gave it to E-40, he said he ha d to have it 'cause that's Scorpio shit. Scorpios gon' be some freaky muthafuckas. I'm November 8th and I've licked several teeth in my past. Like pretty teeth like, Wow, I adore you. Can I lick your teeth please? That's how girl crazy I am. "Before I kiss you, can I please lick your teeth?" Just imagine what else I wanna lick if I wanna lick her teeth? Not her ass or no shit like that, I'm just talking about something else. But that beat, it had to be something sexual. That had to be sexual, that has to be candlelight or the fireplace and you're like, "Hey, you're beautiful, I'm trying to have my hair stuck up in your cuticles/from cunnilingus, I'll bring it if you think I'm suitable." So it's real vulgar but that's what the beat required. I gave it to E-40, but you know we always have timeframes, we gotta do stuff. I called him right before my deadline and I said, "I gotta have it." And it was too late. So I sent it to Snoop. Snoop said he'll do it, but he still ain't sent it back [laughs]. So we gon' have a version with Snoop on it sooner than later."</em>

    So obviously Snoop and E-40 never were on that track or on a remix but they were on "Pornographic" from "All 6's and 7's"...

    Just found it interesting Tech originally tried to get them both on a sexual song on his mixtape, but it didn't work out, so he got them on another (even more) sexual song on his next release, All 6's and 7's.

    It prrobably is better that they were on an album rather than a mixtape, especially All 6's and 7's since other well-known rappers were featured on it, and people pay more attention to an album rather than a mixtape.

    Anyway, like I said, nothing huge but I just thought it was worth mentioning as I never read that article before and haven't heard of him trying to get Snoop and E-40 on Bad Season.

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    Great read, thanks!

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    Not sure if sarcastic, but thanks... lol

    Quote Originally Posted by Palademic
    Great read, thanks!

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