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Thread: PREMIERE:The Devil's Carnival 2 FULL Teaser Featuring Tech N9ne!

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    PREMIERE:The Devil's Carnival 2 FULL Teaser Featuring Tech N9ne!


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    Shit looks weird as fuck.

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    it was weird but i enjoyed it. looks sweet but i was hoping he was about to cut his wings off haha

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    hahhahaha tech

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    im not really quite sure whats going on in this.

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    not so sure about this

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    258 I never seen DEVILS CARNIVAL 1, maybe that would help this make sense. But uhh...WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT?

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    How absolutely marvelous! What a perfect introduction for Tech into the acting world. I feel like it fits so perfectly with Tech and the Strange music emo. I loved how everything kinda makes the noise that you'd expect it too while just sitting still..almost a hallucinogenic perception.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this.

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