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Thread: Top Ten Tech Tracks

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    Top Ten Tech Tracks

    Tech has got a shitload of sikkkkk tracks off of all the albums hes put out with Strange but some of them go above and beyond the rest. Here's my top ten fav tracks of all time. Which ones are ur top ten?

    1. Seepage

    2. Red Nose

    3. Ego Trippin'

    4. Harvey Dent

    5. The Beast

    6. Caribou Lou

    7. Leave Me Alone

    8. Like Yeah

    9. The Industry Is Punks

    10. This Ring

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    1 Blackened the sun 2 red nose 3 come gangsta 4 leave me alone 5 Girl Crazy 6 the beast 7 Caribou Lou 8 Paint a Dark Picture 9 hope for a higher power 10 Too Much... thats pretty hard to name ten of his best tracks cuz everything he puts out is great

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    1 this ring

    2. industry is punks

    3.Red nose


    5.harvey dent


    7.welcome to the midwest.

    8.happy ending

    9.last sad song a died remix "lol thats ish is funny"

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    this isn't really in order these are just ten of my fav tech songs.

    1. Midwest Choppers

    2. Poh Me Anutha

    3. Demons

    4. In the Trunk

    5. Welcome to the Midwest

    6. Psycho Bitch

    7. Loud

    8. Jumpin Jax

    9. KC Tea

    10. You Don't Want It

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