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Thread: C-Mob = White Tech N9ne

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    C-Mob = White Tech N9ne


    C-Mob from Marion,Indiana

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    If tech signed him to strange that would be just sick as hell, he's a complete rapper and has it all just needs a good lable to back him

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    Dam this guy goes hard!!

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    Yeah he do, he just released a new album called Extra Mags vol.1 shit is nuts

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    ehh just decent not that impressed.. uve gone to far saying he should be on strange and WAYYYYY to far saying he a white tech n9ne lol feels like ive heard it before, sounds like another prozak wannabe to me. IMO

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    White Tech N9ne ? C'mon... Dude has skills, fo' sho (he definitely killed that Fly Away hook), but calling him white N9ne ? Nah... Dude is nice, but any artist on Strange kills this guy, IMO. And don't hate, I said "IMO". But true he seems quite versatile.

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    Wow thats only 3 tracks i gurantee he would hold his own rumor has it hes got a track with tech n9ne, so lets see how many people hang on his nuts once it comes out,and im sorry but mob would eat up prozak and he's more lyrical then everyone on strange beside tech and thats the truth. it's yall opinion so thats respectful but im tellin you he's gonna do something major

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