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Thread: album appearance?

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    album appearance?

    so i really like when an album is packaged and looks better than just a plastic case and a flip book..

    K.O.D. was looked raw..

    10,000 days by tool was good too by MF Doom was somethin i never seen before.

    just makes the whole feel of the album better.. gettin it at best buy or fye and bein like

    blown away by the art or how intracate the the packaging is.. idk just wonderin if other ppl

    felt the same way.

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    I thought K.O.D. was dope as hell. I also liked shock treatments cover a lot.

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    Digipaks >>>>>>> Jewel Cases

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    I agree. Some people think Digipacks are cheaping out, but thats really not the case.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cole

    Digipaks >>>>>>> Jewel Cases

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