so i thought i'd share some freshness with Tech N9ne fans. For those of you who don't know, I am one half of Project Fatalist, Descendant, at the age of 19, along with my best friend, Masetti, at the age of 20. We come from a small town in Massachusetts and we make music from the heart with our own of hip hop. Writing all the lyrics ourselves, and recording in a bedroom, we make some pretty good music. We're obviously not the best but it would be dope if we got some technicians behind us! I've been listening to Tech for years now and have admired his music to the fullest. He's my inspiration and my hero. So show some love and check us out!

Our latest album "Inspired" is on sale now on Amazon and Itunes for only $10!!

This is my latest collab track with some friends of mine, B.P. and Romo.

This is my page on youtube full of scrap verses, some were used, but they're dope to check out!

Some websites to check out our music:

i hope you guys enjoy the music!! don't be shy to leave some feedback!!! much love.