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Thread: Lil' Wayne 6'7" Single

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    shit and annoying!

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    he just doesn't do it for me

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    I listen to it but ummm i never got to hear Tech's verse hmmm uhhhh Fuck that song even with Tech shit would have still been horrible that song sucked bad. Hopefully IF Tech actually does a song with wayne, wayne will go harder then that

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    god damnit wayne.... right when i start to gain hope that you're getting back to your old self.... you come out and release this shit

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    FUCKING HORRIBLE!!! I want to kill wayne so badly right now. Fuck hes the most shittiest artist to ever have lived, someone PLEASE do me a favor and kill this mother fucker!! lolimmad.

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    wasnt that good of a track 2 be a single...cant belive this will be on his album..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ice Cold
    I liked the beat. Unique. I keep listening to new Wayne material and waiting to hear something that makes me understand why people like him so much. I have high hopes for each new single but it always just sounds bad to me. "Tell them to kiss my ass and call it kiss and tail." It has to be the beats that people like because it certainly cant be these elementary rhymes. But, to each their own. Just not my cup of tea.

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    I think its pretty dope

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