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Thread: Hopsin and Tech FINALLY MEET!

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    Hopsin and Tech FINALLY MEET!

    No im not getting signed to strange so dont think that. I just wanted to inform you and tech and I have met. I was out in Kansas and i had to chance to stop by and meet up with travis. He got a phone call in the office and said that tech was on his way because he wanted to finally meet me. Tech said that some of his fans had been mentioning my name to him at shows n stuff and thats how he heard about me. I just wanted to let you guys know that this was a big accomplishment for me being in the strange office knowing that I do all of my work out of my basement of my own home. It goes to show that if you put your mind to somethig then the law of attraction will bring you good things. Its all about hard work and dedication..The fact that "ME, marcus hopson, the special ed kid from school" made enough noise to catch the attention of "TECH N9NE!" is probably one of the biggest feel goods ive had up to date. I know hes 1 billion times busier than I am, and the fact that he stopped whatever he was doing to come down and meet me really meant alot to me. So thank you guys for spreading my name to him and everyone else, i really appreciate it. This site has been VERY benifitial to my career! Oh yeah and right when i met up with travis at the office he immediately started laughing sayin "i got your voicemail that you left a while back, you are crazy". i didnt think he had heard it, lol. if you havent heard it then youtube "hopsin calls strange music".

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    Wow good shit man, Youre an inspiration bro, im gonna cop me a canon t2i and put some shit out too, congrats again and i ordered your album saturday and will be expexting my product soon kneegrow or i will come for you

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    hahaha that voicemail was hilarious, i saw that a while ago. you going to get on all 6's and 7's?

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    Good work big homie.. You deserve it.

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    Power to you man. i hope you can be in Tech spot doing the same thing to someone like you.

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    try to get in on all 6s and 7s......shit would be nice bro!!

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    Thats tight as hellll. Tech looks incredibly determined.haha

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    haha im the one that recorded that awesome voice mail you left lol. had to share it on youtube. and you know we'll continue to spread your music on here, and glad to hear its helped your career!

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    keep up the hardwork man

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