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Thread: Jay Rock??

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    Jay Rock??

    Whatchall think about Black Friday? I've never heard Jay Rock before this album and in my opinion the only decent track on the album was Walk With Me feat. BIG Scoob. IDK?? It pretty much sucked in my opinion. Whatchall thank??

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    Senior Member B-rent's Avatar
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    Oct 2008

    i think youre closed minded and it was amazing.

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    Closed minded?? If that was true I wouldn't have even gave it a chance. I listened to his album 3 times n just didn't feel it. N yeah he does sound like Game n Game sux.

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    Senior Member mikern3821's Avatar
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    Jul 2009

    I thought it was very average. Im hoping his album will be a lot better.

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    I been fucking with Rock since before he was with Strange and I thought it was fiyah. Im not sure how he fits with Strange but only time will tell I guess

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    It sounded to east coast to me. Walk wit Me was the only beat that felt west in my ears. Ima still check out whatever he does from here on out wit Strange.

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    Senior Member NickRitter's Avatar
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    I thought it was good for a "free mixtape". "I liked Still In the Hood" and "Juice" the best

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    I loved the mixtape, brought a heavy dose of street life through poetry to my speakers ha! I've been a fan of Jay since "Blood Nigga", so I'm happy to see TDE and SM teamed up. Probably the grimiest banging video made thus far.

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    Senior Member MAttRobles's Avatar
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    Jay rocks is dope as fuck...idk what u guys smoking ha

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    cognito left.

    strange have enevr dropped anyone.


    Quote Originally Posted by buhdah

    jay rock raps like the game idk aint really fellin jayrock strange should of kept cognito

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