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Thread: Fire Flame Spitters

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    Fire Flame Spitters if this was posted or what, but i wanted your thoughts about Fire Flame Spitters. I guess this was lil waynes first song since he got out of jail. Im personally not impressed at all. your thoughts?

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    Senior Member Robert J's Avatar
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    not impressed its ok I wish tech was on it he was show up wayne for real

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    I think its sick as fuck." pockets so deep its like my moneys gotta swim out"

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    i think it sucks, just my opinion, but did wayne reference to big scoob in one line in the second verse? or is there another scoob that im not aware of

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    Listen to waynes verse again he doesnt sound all shitty an stupid he sounds hungry again back to like lights out the block is hot the original carter im not sayin u have to see my point but everyones quick to hate wayne because hes wayne

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    Wayne's lyrics are up to par again but his voice, I just can't get over how whiny it sounds.

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