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Thread: Tech N9ne n ICP

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    Tech N9ne n ICP

    why is tech n9ne down with ICP? i see him in interviews rockn the psychopathic logo n shit. i know hes done songs with twiztid n shit, n i think one with ICP too. ICP is a terrible group, n their fans, juggalos, are notorious fagets. Every kid who was an ICP fan at my schools was the weird, stinky, faget. The one that had no friends, ppl made fun of, n he was a dick when u tried to b nice (no friends by his own hand) n u were scared he was gonna go columbine. N the track tech did with KMK, stay away from shitty white rappers. If ur dwn with ICP, ur against Em. N be really honest with urself... who is the better rapper? ICP sounds like a fukn joke, like wasted middle aged white guys tryn to karoke to run dmc at a bar in some hick midwest bar in the middle of fuk nowhere.Eminem is fukn raw talent. N tech, dude, so much more money n bitches an larger venues if u start collaborating with Em n Wayne, (I heard Lil Wayne in an interview (right before he went to jail) drop Tech N9ne's name when he was mentioning rappers he would like to collaborate with n hasnt yet). Big Money Rustlas? Did u guys see the "Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia" where they trash on ICP and their fans, great, look it up, its in the new season. I know a lot of ICP fans r Tech fans (why i dont know, it appears on one end u have impeccable taste in music, yet on the other u like fukn shit garbage music) ICP bein the shit garbage oof course. Anyway, so im sure imma get a lot of hate responses bak from y'all, but this isn't so much a topic as it is a shout out to tech, bro, DROP THE PSYCHOPATHIC CLIQUE, ICP IS KILLIN UR REP, DONT ASSOCIATE WITH LOW TALENT DIRT ASS LITERAL TRAILER TRASH, YOUR OUR OF THEIR FUKN LEAGUE, THATS WHY U R GETTN OFFERS THEY NEVER DID, UR NOT SELLIN OUT BY ACCEPTING NEW OFFERS WITH BIG ARTISTS, UR PROGRESSING, IF U APPEAR IN A WAL MART COMMERCIAL, THATS SELLING OUT. N IF U DROP PSYCHOPATHIC, THATS NOT SELLING OUT EITHER, THATS COMIN TO UR FUKN SENSES, UR HAVE SO MUCH TALENT DAWG, GET RID OF ICP N THEIR BAGGAE, TAKE U N UR HOMEBOYS TO NEW HEIGTHS

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    you are the first to ever express your views on this situation. congrats.

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    actually icp has sold more albums then tech their close to 10 million now i think? it took tech till killer to even sell 1,000,000 copies...they didnt need any "OFFERS" they did it themselves

    o and by the way just cuz u like ICP doesnt mean your automatically against eminem. I for one enjoy both artists music very much and have everything BOTH artists have ever realeased...O and i was a huge juggalo in school and had pletny of friends.....their for your thread is a fail

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    I wouldnt really take anything this person says to heart. He obviously is a little bitch boy with more hate in his heart then he can handle. Jeffery Dahmer was a fuckin psycho that doesnt mean all white men are crazy. So to say that all Juggalos are weird, stinky, etc is just ignorant. Im sorry that your parents raised you to be a biggot and that you chose to stay that way. And as for you comment about why does Tech N9ne assosiate with little Juggalo kids that have no friends and were the kids always being made fun of in school.....did you ever stop to think that maybe its because he can relate to biggot minded fucks like yourself judging him based on things that are not anything to do with who he is or where hes been in life.

    I get that most of you people dont like ICP or Psychopathic Records but really get off it. Tech obviously has heard all the hate on this situation and has stated himself that yall just a bunch of E-Trolls and need to mind ya own. Hes a Juggalo himself so your just talking shit on one of your "Idols". GET OVER IT.........seriously it doesnt even affect you in anyway or his record sales. Tech is a beast on the mic no matter who he assosiates himself with. People like you only prove how much the "underground" fans are just like the mainstream fans you push your opinions on everyone.....even the guy who will never give a fuck what you think about his career or where he is going. The only sellout I see is you......for buying into the bullshit you spit out....your a sellout to your humanity you fucking biggot

    Quote Originally Posted by Juggalowe
    You my friend are obviously a judgemental little prick. Not all Juggalo's are the same. ICP and the rest of psychopathic Records throw out the raw hardcore I dont give a fuck shit. "Just because you don't like it don't mean it ain't no good." Tech is down with the hatchet because he's fucking real and not a little prick. Tech started in the underground & nobody heard oh him unless u were from KC. Us Juggalo's are all about underground shit so we were some of the first to discover him and give him props. To quote Krizz Kaliko " juggalo's and juggalettes again, were giving props for when you let us in." You see, we gave Tech and Strange Music a chance b4 they were heard by the mainstream. It takes pussies like you to hear it on the radio or see him do some shit w/ a mainstream rapper before you give him his props. Also what kind of racist fuck head are you saying he should stay away from white rappers. White people can't rap? Oh unless theyre sell out bitches like feminem. Bullshit. Tech is NOT a sell out bitch. He may do some Collabos w some mainstream artist but he is still true to the underground. And that, fuck hole, is what its all about, Loyalty. He dont judge ICP for doing theyre shit. and I assure U they dont give a goddamn about your approval either. The Fam is about Loyalty. Strange and Psychopathic carry the same principals if you actually listen to them. Not hear them but LISTEN to them. I'm sure that concept is a bit much for your wee little brain. Just because ICP doesn't rap about ho's, money, and cars doesn't man their shit don't rock. It means thy do what they want not what everybody else wants. That is why they are still together and strong after like 20 fucking years, how many other groups can say that? Anyway, asslick, you should know what your dissin b4 u do it. Just because one Juggalo @ your school is a dumb ass or w/e doesnt mean were all like that.

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    LOL I seen that episode of its always sunny in Philidelphia i thought it was funny, some kids at the school were picking on this fat kid with his face painted, they asked him why he painted his face he replied, cuz im a juggalo lol they had no clue what it was but i thought it was funny because now a days ICP isnt know for there lyrics their mostly known for there crazy ass fans. like the ones that throw shit. But as far as Tech being a Juggalo thats a NO!!! thats a HELL NO!!! he has never said he was a juggalo but he has stated that hes down with the Juggalos. ICP is horrible to me but i have my opinion just like everybody else and like Hopsin said "they just aint my cup of tea"

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    It shouldnt matter whaat we think on this situation. Tech is a real man. He is always down till the end for whoever had his back and helped him through his carrer. ICP, and KMK is his family like it or not. To me that shows Tech is not trying to sell out because he is still true to the people that was first there for him. Im not a juggalo or a kottonmouth king , but I have much respect for all them cause were all humans at the end of the day! Everybody is diffrent in their own way guys. Much Luv to all the Juggalos and the KMK fans out there!!!

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    I agree with the whole "this kid is a judgmental prick" and "dont take any of this to heart". People like different s of music and being a juggalo is sooo fucking fresh this kid and others have no idea. I wish they could all see the light but awell I do. And to answer ur first question, hes down wit icp and juggalos cuz real recognizes real.

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    right tech i kno bitches ass dude always on bs about ur juggalo fam ...ok if u knew nething about tech watched ne of his dvd or interviews u would kno tht basicly techs first sho there was a shit load of juggalos there and they showed him so much love and since then hes been down with em and juggalos are not tht bad im srry if ur town has the more pumped 1s tht dont give a fuck but juggalos are just like us techn9cians wwe r pretty much the same ..we all r human and some make different choices so its time for every1 worried about the jugs n jugettes get over it ur not gonna change techs mind thts his u tech adan

    Quote Originally Posted by Tech N9ne
    here we go again

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    First of all Tech has history with Psychopathic buddy. It's called respect, we don't see you out there makin millions and have a fan base like Tech or ICP. They do it for the fans not for people like you. You are the reason ICP keeps making music and money. You give them inspiration to say "Fuck You" and keep making the records they do. Think about this why would Tech go and drop a GIANT fan base like the Juggalos to get some little fuckin douche bag like you to like him more? Juggalos (even though you might hate us and the music we listen to) are one of the biggest and most loyal fan base in the entire world. You don't like it go cry somewhere else. Tech knows what he's doing and it's not like he's pulling ICP around like a ball and chain. They are two separate groups on two separate record companies. Tech is blowin up and making it to new heights on his own. ICP is just fools he's cool with. If you think it's so wrong for an amazing artist like Tech to have homies in many places go listen to fuckin Bieber or some shit. We don't need you or your opinion about what Tech is doin. He's a grown ass man and been doin his own for over a decade. And FYI learn some fuckin proper grammar. I feel like I was reading something a little kid typed up when he had too much sugar.......and this is just my personal feelings but i would like to give you a very big FUCK YOU!!!

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