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Thread: You know I was just listening to the Seepage album and got to thinking..

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    You know I was just listening to the Seepage album and got to thinking..

    I got to thinking and realized that Tech is smart. He knows that his original fans that bought his albums and merchandise and went to his knows and got him where he is now, know him for being raw, original and most importantly having a morbid attention to detail in his writing based on how he "exactly" thinks and feels at the exact moment he is writing a song with no censorship or change at all.

    And he knows hes trying to appeal to more people by masking his flow with a more mainstream sound on top of it. So I think hes just trying to sometimes honor his original fans by making something that is not only more true to how he originally sounded but is also taking it to the next level.

    I do however think its kinda BS that he only wants to do this sometimes here and there when he needs to vent about things on the mic. But its alright I guess, I mean its hard to both spit that hard and stay consistant on each album when hes gotta tour as much as he does. So I think to anyone who is doubting the future of Tech as being good needs to relax. We'll always have some amazing Tech songs here and there to bang.

    At least when hes not trying to be overly original and perfect he can spit exactly how he feels and make songs like "Alucard" or "Ego Trippin" and whatever else is going to come out on Bad Season thats going to be fire is great. I'd much rather have real raw songs like that than more over the top songs like the ones from Anghellic because in my opinion I think he has greatly surpassed it but can only prove that best when he doesn't really have a themed idea for a song he has to work around.

    So if everyone can just shut up and realize that hes trying to work out both directions be it his original and his new directions at once. Its just that his new direction of course is going to be his main focus that'll be in the spot light. But as far as I can see it as long as he never forgets his original direction I'll never be let down with Tech and neither should anyone else really so shut up and relax things will be fine if not great.

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    i wouldnt say he's just switched up his delivery.. but i mean you gotta think about it.. when did tech actually start blowin the fuck up.. prob bout this summer.. so i think he's tryin to figure out how deal wit ppl.. he been tearin it up for 20+ years and he's almost 40 and hella ppl are just hoppin on his music.. probably is hella pissin him off.. sadly i like old tech better.. from the calm before the storm to absolute power.. just reminds me of that gritty 90's midwest sound wit a lil bit of bay area thrown in.. but new tech is raw.. i do enjoy hearin niggas rap about cars and clubs and girls and gettin hella ends and so on.. idk All 6's & 7's is really gonna have to be a fuckin savage ass album to regain some of his lost followers.. maybe some surprise features or Dance wit the Devil tracks.. maybe Psycho bitch 3 with lynch..or a song wit r.a. the rugged man.. industry is still punks wit freddie gibbs.. idk itll be raw tho.. i hope

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