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Thread: Sick of "technicians" whining about tech the creator...

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    Sick of "technicians" whining about tech the creator...

    If you don't like techs new material or who he collabs with and you gotta post your complaints on tech on his website you are a trick and not a true technician. Tech evolved because everything in life evolves except for you whiney babies. Imagine if he was doing the same music as in the old days y'all would just complain that all his stuff sounds the same... Man go post tech complaints elsewhere if you gotta cuz you sound like a fool. Deuces.

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    Lol posts like these crack me up. This is a discussion forum where people discuss various topics such as Tech's new material. And no, not everyone likes all of Tech's new material, but i guess that makes them "tricks" and not "true technicians". Sorry people have their own opinions and aren't just dick-riding technicians who love everything Tech puts out. If you don't want to see people voice their opinions about Tech then don't come on here, because you're the one who's whining and sounding like a fool.

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    Lol even tech says u dont like the new shit go buy the old shit. You dont see too many fans of mainstream artists saying on their websites that their new shit is garbage although it is. Mothafuckas be focusing on mostly negative shit about tech but not the positive and yes that makes them an untrue technician when u just got nothing to spit but garbage and ive watched this for years and said nothing so if im a whiner because i finally spoke out against it then yes i am a proud one

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    Slap yourself.

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    Nigga the only thing i slap is ass i knew the whiney babies would come out to play but i know u guys are one cuz you gotta reply to this negatively the second u see it cuz i called you out haha cheeriho mates

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    If anymore tech whiners wanna come blast me on this post go ahead at least it directs the negativity here instead of at one of the best rappers alive. Much love to the true technicians that think outside the box and dont have to voice their complains about tech and instead focus on his positives.

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    You are an ass kissing brainless fuckin clone. You are the type of easily brainwashed Nazi sap that would kill Jews. You like everything your fed by your big daddy Tech because secretly you have a gay crush that go's into creepy stalker mode. Please don't kill Tech or ask to suck him off. And don't get breast implants just to please him.
    Sure you could call me a technician I guess, I mean I have been bumpin dude half my life. But I don't give a shit about the title at all. I'm just a regular guy who like rap and Tech is dope.
    You on the other hand is the type a dude who starts gettin all loud at a party and gets his head cracked with a bottle.
    I love robots like you. Such an inviting/entertaining toy to fuck with.
    You fuckin nuttridin Douchebag get your ass the fuck back in the closet!!!

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    Slance, u are not black, stop sayin the n word

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    Slance is a dipshidiot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chief

    Slance is a dipshidiot.

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