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Thread: Kabosh or Tech & Lynch collabo album. Which one do you prefer?

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    Kabosh or Tech & Lynch collabo album. Which one do you prefer?

    I think if Tech & Lynch made an album together it would be sick.

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    That's a good question. I'd rather see kabosh cuz they'd probably touch on wayyy more subjects than lynch and tech together would. Making for a bigger variety of lyricism, mood, and quality of the album.

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    I'd like to see an album between twista and tech or if you wanna talk about a dark album I dream of an album with tech and twisted insane! that would be the shit!...but to answer your question....I think a lynch and tech album cuz I think tech needs to just go full out since his "i'm running from my darkness the gates mixed plate days" which to be completely honest I fuckin' love that album and I actually would like to see another album like that as well. and yes I'm aware that he has made dark music like boiling point and shit i'm just saying full out as in like a full album.

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    To hear just Tech and Lynch I think would be awesuuuuum as an EP
    A whole album would just be oversaturated.
    Never cared about Kabosh.
    Def would like to hear Tech do a King of the Underground album. Have features from Lynch,Insane,Twista,Droop,Raided,40,Spice1,Nutty or any other underground rapper I'm not known about that kills it.

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    Fuck kabosh never understood why people was so hyped about it. And a lynch and tech ep would be great. Idk if they could pull off ab whole album

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    I myself would perfer KABOSH.. I love the dirty wormz.. I love the rock rap feel that they bring and with tech lyricism with it would just b murderous , along with kali of course...I dont understand why you guys dont like the dirty wormz., no, smackola cant flo like tech, but again , who can??

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    Tech and Lynch album. But Tech has already said it will never happen. Dont think well ever get Kabosh either.

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    Tech and Lynch

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    if it were an EP, then Tech and Lynch, but as far as album goes, IF it were done creatively and properly then KABOSH easily, but I don't see either happening, and if they did, I don't think they'd meet expectations.

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    I may be having second thoughts.. Labelmates or no, if Lynch n Tech sat down I think they're similar tastes would compliment eachother nicely. If they could leave the ego's at the door and actually put their talents and effort in on a solid project.
    I could actually love a project like this. Say half the tracks feat. Both artists than the other half split between solo acts.
    5tracks Tech. 5 both. 5 Lynch.

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