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Thread: ihurd cogs off strange

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    ihurd cogs off strange

    hey man i hurd that cogs off strange music now man wtf is that about why is he off strange

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    *heard imo

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    ihurd, is that a new ipod?

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    someone wanna give a quick synopsis of what went down because I couldn't find it in the thread with like 20 pages

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    my opinion they probaly needed to make room for someone big i didnt really like him at all him an jay rock are iffy to me. I hope they were just makin room for nas that would be crazy tech nas,lynch and kaliko all on one song would blow my mind

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    because he sucks

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    cog is terrible, sounds like a shitty eminem

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    Quote Originally Posted by TECHN9ciaNE
    cog is terrible, sounds like a shitty eminem
    if he's soo terrible why dont you send a demo in and get signed to strange, he was signed to Thizz Entertainment(Mac Dre's label)when Dre was still alive not one of these fake fucks that tryna make money off hisname after dude passed, then he went to Master P's No Limit Soldiors shit....I mean dude has skills, he does sound a bit like Em but dude is a cool ass dude that is down to earth as fuck he is a skilled mother fucker, if you think he sucks so bad post up your demo partna

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