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Thread: meaganlprice

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    did anyone read these tweets from this dumb bitch?

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    yeah this bitch must b retarded or somthing

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    Senior Member Siikez's Avatar
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    Nov 2009
    yeah, shes some big fat israeli pig-beast. somebody needs to put a bullet in her brain.

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    Senior Member CJsiccness's Avatar
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    Mar 2010
    i used to know a chick named Megan Price we called her "Moose Knuckle"

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    something cause that girl is sayn some off the wall type shit

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    <p ="text-align:left">

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    idk why but i felt obligated to tweet her back and tell her to kill herself lmfao

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    She was just trying to draw attention to her self. It obviously worked.

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    so...what did she say?

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    Senior Member claudelolar's Avatar
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    Now thats complete ignorance....if its negitive i dont wanna hear it...eliminate player haters with they evil spirits

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