so yes

ill admit it.ive probably been one of the biggest haters on here about tech collabin wit wayne and watever else thats been going on...but i have come to a conclusion....tech is still tech. as long as hes still ripping shit like I knw he can why should I hate? why should any of us? I will love it when tech kills wayne not only on all 6s and 7s but also on the carter! i will fucking love that shit. as fans we should all b happy for the dude you knw? especially the ones that have been around the longest. this dudes put his blood sweat and tears into this shit for us. SO ya. i dont wnna see tech all over waynes dick. but techs gtta do tech. if him teamin wit wayne for a min means a collab wit say nas...em...wu tang...beats from hi tek...talib...that thats some sik shit. BUT. if suddenly drake tpain and the bunch of pop bitches start takin over strange music songs....ill b done srry....but anyway thats my thoughts